04/20/2023 Bannon: Miles Guo is a freedom fighter and the greatest ally of the United States. He exposed the corruption of the American system. Palumbo: The conspiracy behind Pras Michel’s case is unbelievable. The amount of bounty on the surface is already huge, and the things the CCP wants to cover up must be something big. All the cases against Miles Guo are related to the CCP, and their purpose is to silence Miles Guo. 04/20/2023 班农:郭文贵是自由斗士以及美国最伟大的盟友,他揭露了美国体制中的腐败。帕伦博:米歇尔案背后的阴谋令人难以置信,明面上的赏金已经数额巨大,中共想掩盖的真相一定是惊人的。而郭文贵涉及的所有案件都与中共有关,其目的就是不让郭文贵发声。


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