03/23/2023 Ava Chen of the New Federal State of China and David Whited of the FOC Show call on Americans to contact their congressmen to free Mr. Miles Guo. For these political leaders, five phone calls means a crisis in their world, and 20 means the sky is falling. It does not take a lot and they will begin to take action because they’re just simply scared of losing their spot.

03/23/2023 新中国联邦的Ava Chen和FOC Show的大卫·怀特德呼吁美国人联系他们的国会议员,释放郭文贵先生。对于这些政治领导人来说,五通电话意味着他们的世界出现了危机,20通就意味着天要塌下来了。不需要太多,他们就会开始采取行动,因为他们就是害怕失去自己的议员位置。


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