4/17/2023 During the “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan” hearing, Nicole interviewed Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who agreed with her that there should be concern over the CCP using the US justice system to go after Chinese dissidents like Miles Guo. Van Drew says he has spoken out about the House Judiciary Committee to start investigation into the CCP’s weaponization of the DOJ and the federal government agencies. Van Drew recognizes the Chinese people as great people and condemns the CCP for what they have done to them and to America. 4/17/2023 在“曼哈顿暴力犯罪受害者”听证会上,妮可采访了杰夫·凡·德鲁议员,他同意妮可的观点,认为中共利用美国司法系统迫害像郭文贵先生这样的中国异见人士,这的确令人担忧。杰夫·凡·德鲁表示,他已经对众议院司法委员会展开对中共武器化美国司法系统进行调查表达过公开支持。杰夫·凡·德鲁认可中国人民是伟大的人民,并谴责中共对他们和美国所做的事情。


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