04/17/2023【The House Judiciary Committee holds “Victims Of Violent Crime In Manhattan” Hearing】Shawn @OfficialDVS7: The CCP and the people who are paid by CCP are the source and root of what is the problem in this country. They are weaponizing our justice system against their enemy. This is why people need to pay more attention to the case of Miles Guo. It is vital for every ordinary citizen. 04/17/2023【众议院司法委员会”曼哈顿暴力犯罪受害者”听证会】Shawn (DVS 7.0):中共以及被其收买的人是这个国家所有问题的根源。他们正在武器化我们的司法系统来迫害他们的敌人。这也是为什么人们需要对郭文贵先生的案子给予更多关注。这对每一个普通公民都极其重要。


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