04/17/2023【The House Judiciary Committee holds “Victims Of Violent Crime In Manhattan” Hearing】Shawn @OfficialDVS7, a supporter of the NFSC and author of the song FreeMilesGuo, shares his frustration after witnessing politicians display apathy towards victims of crime during the hearing. He highlights the unjust imprisonment of Miles Guo while other individuals guilty of crimes are released. 04/17/2023【众议院司法委员会”曼哈顿暴力犯罪受害者”听证会】Shawn是新中国联邦的支持者和“Free Miles Guo”歌曲的创作者,他在目睹了政客在听证会上对犯罪受害者表现出冷漠后感到非常沮丧。他强调,郭文贵先生被不公正地监禁,而其他真正的罪犯却被释放。


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