4/17/2023 At the hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on crime in New York City, fellow fighter Prince Li recalled the discussion between the NFSC members and Rep. Andy Biggs regarding the CCP’s infiltration into the DOJ and weaponization of it to politically persecute Miles Guo, while letting violent criminals escape justice. Brother Changdao said that we need to take more action to let more Americans and the media see that we are taking down the CCP! 4/17/2023 小王子战友回顾新中国联邦战友和安迪·比格斯议员在众议院司法委员会的听证会会场,谈论中共渗透美国司法部并将其武器化来对郭文贵先生进行政治迫害,却让暴力罪犯逍遥法外;长岛哥表示我们要用更多的行动让更多美国人和媒体看到我们在灭共!


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