They even let out the real criminals. The prosecuting team at SDNY argued that Miles Guo is not fit for bail. There are three reasons they’re citing. One, they’re citing he’s a flight risk. Second, they say he’s a risk to the community. Third, they say he obstructs the law and enforcement of the law. The arguments against his bail are complete nonsense. 他们甚至放出了真正的罪犯。SDNY的起诉团队认为郭文贵先生不适合保释。他们引用的理由有三个。第一,他们说他有逃跑的危险。第二,他们说他对社区有风险。第三,他们说他妨碍了法律和执法。反对他保释的论点完全是无稽之谈。


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