Ava讲述自2015年1月起当郭文贵来到美国,他的家人员工就被中共抓捕,他的财产被没收。 2017年3月,当他宣布会接受美国知音采访时,中共再次对他的家人和员工进行抓捕和虐待, 并警告他如果他不停止,中共在美国会对他进行法律超限战。 Ava recounted that when Miles Guo came to the United States in January 2015, his family and employees were arrested by the CCP, and his private assets were confiscated. In March 2017, when he announced that he would be interviewed by Voice of America, the CCP arrested and abused his family and employees again, and warned him that if he does not stop, the CCP will carry out legal unrestricted warfare against him in the United States.


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