Ava谈到目前的Pras Michel 的案件,和2020年共和党全国委员会财政主席Elliot Broidy的认罪,以及Steve Wynn的去年的案件都和郭文贵先生有关,是关于中共如何利用在美国的政治渗透想要遣返郭文贵回中共国。 Ava talked about the current case of Pras Michel, the guilty plea in 2020 of Elliot Broidy, who is the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, and the case of Steve Wynn last year, all related to Miles Guo, which is about how the CCP tried to use its political infiltration in the United States to lobby the U.S. politicians to repatriate Miles Guo back to China.


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