04/15/2023 Nicole: Miles Guo is challenging not only the CCP, but also the most evil forces in the world, which encourages the Americans. They see the NFSC as their hope to help get rid of the darkness. More Americans are realizing the weaponization of the DOJ by the CCP not only targets the NFSC, but also the western democracy. So a lot of American whistleblowers will stand up. Also some of the congressmen realized that the NFSC is really favoring America, not only favoring our own interest. 04/15/2023 妮可:郭文贵挑战的不仅是中共,还有全世界最邪恶的势力,这激发了很多美国人。他们将新中国联邦视为帮助美国人摆脱这种黑暗的希望。更多美国人意识到中共将司法武器化,针对的不仅新中国联邦,还有西方民主制度。所以会有很多美国爆料人站出来。很多国会议员认识到新中国联邦是真地在帮助美国,而不仅是为了本身利益。


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