Ava讲到2017年4月19日,美国知音在郭文贵先生要谈到#王岐山时中断了他的采访,在华人世界引起轰动。人们惊讶到美国知音会做出这样的事,就像当年8964的学生可能想不到今天,逃离共产主义到美国的中国人还要和美国爱国者联合在一起在美国的土地上对抗中国共产党。 Ava mentioned that on April 19, 2017, Voice of America shut down the interview of Miles Guo before he talks about #wangqishan , which caused a sensation in the Chinese world. People were surprised that VOA would do such a thing, just like the students of 8964 may not have imagined that today, the Chinese who escaped communism and came to the United States will have to unite the American patriots to fight against the Chinese Communist Party on American soil.


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