04/13/2023 Ava Chen on Diamond and Silk: A CCP kleptocrat told Mr. Miles Guo that the hatred towards the white population and the west is very prevailing among the CCP, just like Xi because they have a Chinese victimhood mindset and that the Catholic and Christian are natural enemy of the Chinese Communist Party, because they believe God while the Chinese regime is anti God and they actively destroy everything God creates. 04/13/2023 Ava在Diamond and Silk节目上谈到:一位中共卖国贼告诉郭文贵先生对白人的仇恨在中共党内非常普遍,就像习近平一样,因为他们认为中国人受西方侵害,而且天主教徒和基督徒是中共的天敌,因为他们相信上帝,而中共政权是反上帝的,他们会肆意摧毁上帝创造的一切。


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