04/13/2023 On Diamond and Silk Show, Ava says Miles Guo had warned the world the CCP will purposely release a deadly virus, which is later well-known Covid-19. They attempted to release it three times, and the third time they succeeded. Miles Guo also warned that he received an accurate intel that in the end of summer and beginning of fall in 2021,the CCP will release a more lethal virus again, which is later on well-known the Delta Variant. 04/13/2023 Ava在Diamond and Silk 节目上称郭文贵先生很早之前就警告世界中共会故意放一种致命的病毒,也就是之后众所周知的新冠病毒。中共尝试释放了三次,结果第三次成功释放。2021年他还警告说,他得到确切情报,在夏末秋初时,中共会再次释放一种更加致命的病毒,也就是随后我们熟知的德尔塔毒株。


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