04/13/2023 On Diamond and Silk Show, Ava says Miles Guo has long been telling the world to follow the money to root out CCP spies in America. America should follow Miles Guo’s 76 lawsuits in the past 6 years and find out who is behind them. There are only three or four of them. America should check their finances, subpoena them and investigate them, then they can get to the bottom of it. 04/13/2023 Ava在Diamond and Silk 节目上,Ava 称郭文贵一直以来都在告诉世界要想清除中共在美国的间谍网络,那么美国就需要跟踪过去六年以来,郭文贵所遭受的76个官司,并找出背后的主谋,也就是那么三四个人。美国需要查看他们的财务记录、传唤他们、调查他们。这样,才可以追根溯源。


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