04/13/2023 Ava Chen on Diamond and Silk: Miles Guo proposed in his live broadcast a 3F solution to counter the CCP’s infiltration into the U.S. federal agencies, which is to follow the money, follow the sexual misconduct of the bad actors, and follow the NFSC. He also suggested that the CCP’s collaborators be allowed to get away and keep the dirty money from the CCP but become cooperating witnesses so as to collect more evidence against the big fish in the system. 04/13/2023 Ava Chen在Diamond and Silk 节目上:郭文贵先生在他的直播中提出了应对中共对美国联邦机构渗透的3F解决方案,即关注金钱的流向、关注那些坏人的不当性行为,还有关注新中国联邦。他还建议允许曾经和中共勾兑的人脱罪,并保留从中共那里获得的黑钱,但让他们成为污点证人,以便收集更多证据以抓住系统内的大鳄。


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