04/13/2023 On Diamond and Silk Show, Ava said back in 2017, Miles Guo had revealed that there were 43000 Chinese spies in America, and many of them were not Asian look. A lot of them were Hispanic, African American and white populations. They are among the American people. The number of these people were up to 15000. 04/13/2023 在Diamond and Silk节目里,Ava称早在2017年,郭文贵先生就爆料中共在美国有43000名间谍,而且其中很多人都不是亚洲面孔。很多人是西班牙裔、非裔美国人以及白种人。这些间谍就混在美国人中间,数量多达15000人。


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