04/13/2023 In an interview with Diamond and Silk, Ava Chen talked about how Mr. Miles Guo explained the meaning of the statues of Liberty he designed in his live stream. According to Miles, the green statue with a Mao quotation represents the CCP’s plan to take over the free world, while the red statue represents that the CCP has infiltrated the United States. The large statue is a satire on the lawless Communist China. 04/13/2023 在接受Diamond and Silk 节目的采访时,Ava Chen谈到郭文贵先生在直播中是如何解释他设计的自由女神像背后的含义。据郭先生说,带有毛泽东语录的绿色雕像代表中共想接管自由世界的计划,而红色的雕像代表中共已经渗透到了美国。另一座巨大的自由女神像则是对没有法治的中共国的讽刺


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