On April 13, 2023, Wayne Dupree interviewed Nicole Tsai. Nicole said that in the “two-tiered system” of the judicial system in New York City, the United States, real criminals, including murderers, can walk freely on the street, but innocent people like Miles Guo and Yvette Wang have been repeatedly denied bail because of the CCP’s weaponization of the federal government agencies. Nicole is calling on everyone to call Jim Jordan and Congress leaders and attend the April 14 field hearing on victims of Manhattan district prosecutors and field policies. 2023年4月13日 Wayne Dupree采访Nicole Tsai,Nicole说到美国纽约市的司法体系的“两级制度”,真正的罪犯包括谋杀案的罪犯可以自由的走在大街上,但是郭文贵和王雁平这样的无辜者确因为“被CCP武器化的联邦机构的腐败”被拒绝保释。Nicole号召所有人联系Jim Jordan和自己的国会议员,并参加他4月14日发起的曼哈顿地区政策和检察官受害者听证会


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