On April 13, 2023, Wayne Dupree interviewed Nicole Tsai. Nicole said that Mr. Miles Guo told Americans about the CCP’s infiltration of the United States through the two statues of Liberty 10 years ago. Miles Guo was taken away and lost his freedom by the political persecution of the CCP and the weaponized US judicial system, which means that Americans have lost their freedom. If Mr. Miles Guo cannot be released, the United States will become one of the colonies of the CCP. 2023年4月13日,Wayne Dupree采访Nicole Tsai,Nicole说郭文贵先生在10年前就通过两个自由女神雕像向美国人讲述中共对美国的渗透问题。 郭文贵被中共和被武器化的美国司法体系政治迫害被关押失去了自由,代表了美国人已经失去自由。如果郭文贵先生不能被释放,美国会成为中共的殖民地之一。


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