04/10/2023 On Bannon’s WarRoom, author of The Man Behind the Curtain Matt Palumbo thinks the leading theory of Pras Michel’s case is that they want him to take full blame. He is perfect for that role, because he’s just some obscure rapper who had some other sketchy stuff. Bannon believed the reason the DOJ won’t allow Miles Guo to testify in Pras Michel’s trial is because he will get to the bottom of the CCP’s infiltration to the highest government with their hard cash. 04/10/2023 在班农的《战斗室》节目中,《The Man Behind the Curtain》作者马特·帕隆博认为普拉斯·米歇尔案件的主导理论将会是让米歇尔承担全责。他来担任这个角色最完美,因为他只是一个无足轻重的说唱歌手,也有其它一些不光彩的事情。 班农认为司法部阻止郭文贵参加普拉斯·米歇尔庭审的作证,原因是郭文贵先生将曝光中共用真金白银对美国最高政府的渗透。


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