04/10/2023 Jayne Zirkle and Steve Bannon discuss the Michel trial in relation to Mr. Miles Guo: The Michel trial is significant, while Miles Guo happened to be taken away after being subpoenaed to testify about a week before the trial, and there was no mainstream media coverage of former DOJ official George Higginbotham accepting a $40 million bribe from the Chinese Communist Party, except for Gateway Pundit. It is stunning. 04/10/2023 杰恩·泽克尔和史蒂夫·班农讨论米歇尔案与郭文贵先生的关系:米歇尔案意义重大,而郭文贵恰好在庭审前一周左右收到作证的传票后被带走,而且除了Gateway Pundit之外,没有主流媒体报道司法部前官员乔治·海根巴瑟姆接受中共4000万美元贿赂的事情。这令人震惊。


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