4/10/2023 Nicole’s interview with John Fredericks: America has opened the door for the Chinese Communist Party to operate on its soil, and the CCP is the root cause for the reason why the America becomes so weak; it is very easy to tackle this root cause, i.e., stop persecuting Miles Guo and investigate those associated with the CCP’s kleptocrats and freeze their properties and assets in the United States #freeMilesGuo 4/10/2023 妮可接受弗雷德里克采访:中共才是美国变弱的最根本原因,而且是美国自己引狼入室;解决这一根源也很容易,停止迫害文贵先生、调查中共盗国贼在美国的关联人士、查封资产


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