04/11/2023 Nicole on The Steve Gruber Show introduces NFSC: The New Federal State of China aims to bring down the world’s largest and most evil regime – the Chinese Communist Party. It is the CCP’s greatest enemy and the one they fear the most. Its founder, Mr. Miles Guo, came to America, the land of the free, to wage his battle against the CCP, but didn’t expect to face political persecution here. #FreeMilesGuo 04/11/2023 妮可参加 Steve Gruber Show 介绍新中国联邦:新中国联邦旨在打倒世界最大、最邪恶的政权-中国共产党。它是中共最大的敌人,也是他们最惧怕的敌人。它的创始人郭文贵先生来到美国这片自由的土地上展开对中共的战斗,却没想到会在这里面临政治迫害。


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