04/09/2023 The base prepared by Mr. Guo for fellow fighters shows his taste and love. Not only Chinese but Americans and the whole world are facing a revolution. Just as Jesus was chosen by God to save mankind from evil and suffering, the people of the NFSC are given the mission to take down the evil CCP. Miraculous signs that cannot be explained scientifically again showed that God is with the NFSC. 04/09/2023【 #战友们参观新中国联邦基地】 郭先生为战友准备的基地显示出他的品味和对战友的爱。不仅是中国人,美国人和全世界都面临一场革命。正如耶稣被上帝捡选来从邪恶和罪恶中拯救人类,上天赋予了新中国联邦人消灭邪恶中共的使命。无法用科学解释的奇迹一再显示,上天与新中国联邦同在。


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