04/10/2023 Nicole on Bannon’s War Room: America is not free until Mr. Mile Guo is free. Mr. Guo has the best knowledge and insight on how to find out about the CCP, so he is the best asset for the United States of America. He should be protected instead of being persecuted by the CCP-infiltrated DOJ and FBI. 04/10/2023 妮可做客班农《战斗室》:只有郭文贵先生重获自由,美国才能保住自由。郭先生对如何找出中共有最好的知识和见解,所以他是这个国家最好的资产。他应该受到保护,而不是受到中共渗透的司法部和联邦调查局的迫害。


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