04/10/2023 Steve Bannon discusses Mr. Miles Guo’s efforts to distinguish the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and label the CCP as a transnational criminal organization. Mr. Miles Guo’s warnings about the CCP’s corruption and illegitimacy have influenced many hardliners in the USA. Miles Guo is currently in jail because the American sellouts and the CCP didn’t want him to testify at Pras Michel’s trial in Washington, D.C. about the corruption in the DOJ and the massive effort of the CCP to extradite Mr. Guo back to Beijing. 04/10/2023 史蒂夫·班农谈到了郭文贵先生在区分中国人与中国共产党并将中国共产党定义为跨国犯罪组织方面所做的努力。郭先生关于中共的腐败和非法性的警告已经影响了许多美国强硬派。郭先生目前身陷囹圄,是因为卖美贼和中共不想让他在普拉斯·米歇尔的审判中就美国司法部的腐败问题,以及中共试图将他引渡回北京所作的巨大努力去作证。


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