04/10/2023 Nicole from the NFSC: About 500 freedom loving Chinese fighters gathered on Saturday to fight for Mr. Miles Guo’s freedom, right across the street from Miles’s place at the Sherry Netherlands. Mr. Miles Guo helps America to claim independence from the CCP’s weaponization of USA’s federal government agencies. But as the target of the political witch hunt and prosecution, he is spending his days behind the bar. Nobody’s safe when the CCP controls this country’s rule of law and justice system. 04/10/2023 新中国联邦的妮可女士:大约500名热爱自由的中国斗士上周六聚集在一起为郭文贵先生的自由而战,就在郭文贵先生住处荷兰雪梨酒店的街对面。郭文贵先生帮助美国从中共对美国联邦政府机构的武器化中独立出来。但作为政治迫害和起诉的受害者,郭文贵先生却身陷囹圄。当中共控制这个国家的法治和司法系统时,没有人是安全的。


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