04/08/2023 GTV investor Wen Xiao: The SEC’s decision to freeze and hold all GTV investors’ money based on completely false evidence fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party police sounds like a joke. The evidence of the CCP’s so-called “fraud” is implausible, and the only motive for all this political persecution is to destroy the CCP’s number one enemy, Mr. Miles Guo. 04/08/2023 GTV投资者文萧:美国证监会(SEC)根据中共警方编造的完全虚假的证据,冻结并扣押了所有GTV投资者资金的决定,这听起来像是一个笑话。中共的所谓“欺诈”的证据完全不可信,所有这些政治迫害行动的唯一动机就是要消灭中共的头号敌人——郭文贵先生。


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