04/08/2023 Brother Submarine told the story of a village in his hometown in Communist China who went to the crematorium at 3 a.m. to get a body cremated, only to find 93 bodies waiting for cremation there. For ordinary people who want to have a body burnt earlier have to pay a special charge which many people can’t afford. It shows us that ordinary people in Communist China can’t afford a living or a death under the misrule of the CCP. 04/08/2023 潜水艇战友讲述了在中共国,他家乡的一位村民的故事。该村民凌晨3点去火葬场火化尸体,却发现那里早已有93具尸体等着火化。如果老百姓要想提前火化尸体,就必须支付昂贵的特别费用。由此可见,在中共的统治下,中共国的普通民众生不起也死不起


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