4/08/2023 Edelweiss , a fellow fighter of the New Federal State of China: The reason Miles Guo came to the U.S. to start the Whistleblowers’ Movement is for our entire freedom. Freedom is not free. Today, we are standing here to fight for the freedom of Chinese people and American people. As an American citizen, I also hope the Capitol Hill will investigate the sellouts in the FBI and DOJ. I hope American people can wake up, and every Chinese people can bravely stand up. 04/08/2023 新中国联邦的战友雪绒花:郭文贵先生来到美国开启爆料革命是为了我们整体的自由。自由从来不是免费的。今天,我们站在这里就是要为我们中国人民和美国人民的自由而战斗。作为一名美国公民,我也希望国会山能够调查FBI和DOJ的卖美贼。我希望美国人民能够醒来,希望每一个中国人能够勇敢站起来


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