04/08/2023 Changdao Brother: Miles Guo has proved how evil the CCP is to the world with his experience in the past 6 years and his being persecuted by incarceration. The CCP has infiltrated the U.S. judicial system and bought off the media across the world. Everyone could end up like Miles Guo if the CCP is not exterminated so the only way out is to take down the CCP with the New Federal State of China. 04/08/2023长岛哥:郭先生用他自己过去6年的经历及现在身在监狱中,向全世界证明共产党有多邪恶。共产党已经在美国国司法系统里,已经收买了世界各地的媒体。如果不灭共,所有的人都会走到郭先生这一步。 只有跟着新中国联邦一起去灭共才是唯一的出路


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