04/08/2023 Fellow fighter TianTian from Japan: Soon after I arrived in America, Mr. Miles Guo was arrested, so I must stand out to speak for him. The CCP has controlled everything from the media, the financial capital, and the US bureaucracy like the DOJ and SEC. But I want to tell the CCP: We are not afraid of you. You can destroy us but you cannot defeat us because we are all Mr. Miles Guo now. 来自日本的战友天天:我刚到美国,文贵先生就被捕了,所以我必须站出来为他说话。中共已经控制了一切,从媒体到金融资本,再到美国司法部、证监会等官僚机构。 但我要告诉中共:我们不怕你们。你们可以摧毁我们,但你们不能打败我们,因为我们现在都是郭文贵先生。


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