04/08/2023 Josh Feuerstein, founder of America First News: It’s scary that Americans in government institutions would be working with a hostile foreign power to charge a man who fled to the United States. Americans should get involved and contact their congressmen and senators to speak up for Mr. Miles Guo. Because this is not only about his freedom, but ultimately about the freedom of every American. ​​ 04/08/2023 美国第一新闻网创始人乔什·费尔斯坦:美国政府的公务员居然与外国敌对势力合作起诉一个逃到美国的人,这让人不寒而栗。美国人应该参与进来,联系国会议员、参议员,为郭文贵先生发声。因为这不仅关乎他的自由,最终也关乎每一个美国人的自由。


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