04/08/2023 Mark Szuszkiewicz speaks at the NFSC’s protest demanding #FreeMilesGuo: Billionaires like Donald Trump and Miles Guo choose to fight other than just enjoy life, because they know what is at stake. People from Cuba, Venezuela, China, are warning America that communism is coming. And it’s coming to America, if we don’t stand and fight back. But we’re gonna take down the CCP. 04/08/2023 马克·苏什凯维奇在新中国联邦要求释放郭文贵先生的抗议活动上发表演讲: 像川普和郭文贵这样的亿万富翁选择了战斗,而不是享受生活,因为他们感受到危机。古巴、委内瑞拉及中国的人民都在警告“共产主义即将降临美国”。如果我们不站出来反抗,共产主义就会降临美国。但我们会打倒中共。


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