04/08/2023 【 #FreeMilesGuoRally】Mark Szuszkiewicz speaks at the NFSC’s protest demanding #FreeMilesGuo: America has the first amendment that’s supposed to protect our freedom of speech. But nowadays, they’re canceling people. People are afraid that if they speak out, they will lose their job, be affected financially, or be arrested like Miles Guo. What happens in communist countries is happening in America now. But we’re not going to take it. We’re not going to be silent. We’re out here fighting for freedom fighters like Miles Guo who got arrested. 04/08/2023 【 #释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】马克·苏什凯维奇在新中国联邦要求释放郭文贵先生的抗议活动上发表演讲: 美国有第一个修正案保护我们的言论自由。但如今,他们却正在噤声。人们害怕因发声而丢掉工作、收入受影响,或像郭文贵一样被逮捕。共产主义独裁国家发生的事情现在正在美国发生。但我们不会接受,不会沉默。我们来到这里为像郭文贵这样被捕的自由战士而战!


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