04/08/2023【 #FreeMilesGuoRally】Ms. A Bing from Washington DC farm: Chinese people do not have the right to vote or the freedom to speak. The media in China are all controlled by the CCP. She now realizes that the Whistleblowers’ Movement is also for saving the American people and the whole world, on top of saving the Chinese people. American people are urged to fight the CCP together with the New Federal State of China to avoid being enslaved by the CCP in the future. 04/08/2023 【 #释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】 华盛顿DC农场的阿丙女士: 中共国人没有选举权和言论自由。 中共国的媒体都是被中共所控制的。 她现在明白,爆料革命不但是为了解救中国人民,也是为了解救美国人民和全世界人民。 她敦促美国人民与新中国联邦一起对抗中共,从而避免将来被中共奴役。


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