04/08/2023【#FreeMilesGuoRally】Independent American rapper Topher @tophertownmusic: It’s crazy that Mr. Miles Guo was unjustly arrested and still hasn’t been released. America is the land of the free and we have our constitutional rights. Yet over the past few years we have seen it trampled on everywhere, and that is a tragedy. NFSC, please don’t give up the fight and do your best to speak out because people need to know the truth. 04/08/2023 【#释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】美国嘻哈歌手Topher:郭文贵先生被不公正地逮捕且至今仍未被释放,这简直太疯狂了。美国是自由的国度,我们拥有宪法赋予的权利。然而在过去几年,我们看到它到处被践踏,这是个悲剧。新中国联邦人,请不要停止战斗,尽力发声,因为人们需要了解真相。


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