04/08/2023【#FreeMilesGuoRally】Josh Feuerstein, Founder of America First News: Since the fake news organizations like CNN and MSNBC, who are bought by the CCP, continue to do the CCP’s propaganda and cover up the horrific crimes that are being done in China, he calls on every American news outlet to be honest and truthful and just. He wants his shout to echo through the hallways of this entire city – It’s time to free Miles Guo! 04/08/2023 【#释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】 “美国第一新闻”媒体的创始人乔什·费尔斯坦:因为这些卖身中共的假新闻机构,如CNN 和MSNBC,继续替中共宣扬,掩盖发生在中共国的可怕罪行, 他要呼吁每一家美国的新闻媒体奉行诚实、真实和公正的原则。他希望他的喊声响彻整个城市的大街小巷:是时候释放郭文贵了!


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