4/8/2023 【#FreeMilesGuoRally】Fellow fighter Zhandao: The 18th floor of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel is the place where Mr. Miles Guo voiced for justice. The lives and wealth of many Americans have been saved because of Miles, yet he has been framed and jailed. We are all genuine supporters and defenders of Mr. Miles Guo! 4/8/2023 【#释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】战友战刀:雪梨酒店十八楼就是郭文贵先生发出正义之声的地方。许多美国人的生命和财产因为他而得到拯救,而他却被陷害入狱。我们都是郭先生真诚的支持者和捍卫者!


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