04/08/202【#FreeMilesGuoRally】 At the NFSC’s protest demanding Free Miles Guo, Nicole calls for a unity in America between the Republican Party, Democratic Party, and independents, and every American citizen to stand united to take down the CCP. Because the CCP is the root cause of the high inflation, chaos, Trump’s indictment, and the Ukrainian war. The CCP is the root cause of all the global disasters. 04/08/2023 【#释放郭文贵全球联动抗议】 在新中国联邦要求释放郭文贵先生的抗议活动上, 妮可呼吁美国共和党、民主党、独立党派及每位美国公民团结一致推翻中共。中共是高通胀,混乱及川普被起诉的元凶,是乌克兰战争的罪魁祸首。中共是全球所有灾难的根源。


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