04/08/2023 Josh Feuerstein speaks at the NFSC’s protest demanding Free Miles Guo: Miles Guo has been a light in the darkness in the CCP for a long time. He came to America to escape tyranny and to fight for freedom. He came to escape the CCP, but the CCP was already in America in the DOJ, the FBI. That’s why I’ve come from Dallas, Texas to say it’s time to free Miles Guo! 04/08/2023 乔什·费尔斯坦在新中国联邦要求释放郭文贵先生的抗议活动上发表演讲:长期以来,郭文贵一直是中共黑暗中的一盏明灯! 郭文贵来到美国是为了逃避暴政,为自由而战。他是为了逃避中共而来到美国,但中共已经在美国司法部、联邦调查局!这是我从得州达拉斯赶来的原因,要求释放郭文贵!


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