04/08/2023 Prince Li at the NFSC’s protest demanding Free Miles Guo: We are fighting the Independence War all over again right here in America because the Chinese Communist Party is inside every single tentacle, every single aspect of American civil life, of the American government, and of American financial institutions. Those corrupted Americans are colluding with the CCP to put Miles Guo behind the bars trying to stop him from saving freedom. 04/08/2023 小王子在新中国联邦要求释放郭文贵先生的抗议活动上:我们正在美国重新进行独立战争,因为中国共产党已经进入美国人民生活、美国政府和美国金融机构的方方面面。那些腐败的美国人正在与中共勾结,将郭文贵先生关在监狱里,阻止他拯救自由。


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