03/23/2023 Real America’s Voice host #GrantStinchfield on the many inconsistencies of Mr. Miles Guo’s case. Firstly, the prosecutors admitted in the court that they worked a lot with the Chinese government ; secondly, the judge ordered the prosecutors to make sure they had turned over all the evidence to the defendant, which is never heard in the federal court; thirdly, Miles Guo’s penthouse in New York caught fire when basically the federal agents were still inside. And the last one back to 2017, #MilesGuo tipped off the #FBI about the CCP’s evil plan of the virus.

03/23/2023 《真实美国之声》主持人格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德谈论郭文贵案件的诸多疑点。第一,检察官在法庭上承认在中共头号敌人#郭文贵 的案件中与中共合作;第二,法官要求检察官确保向被告人提交了一切证据,而这在 联邦法庭 闻所未闻;第三,在郭文贵位于纽约的豪宅着火时,FBI特工仍在里面;最后一点是早在2017年,郭文贵就向 #FBI 透露过中共要释放病毒计划的情报。 #FreeMilesGuo #FreeMilesGuoNow


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