04/06/2023 ​​​​Josh Feuerstein: Miles Guo has been a warning voice of American, warning us what will happen. A long time ago, he predicted what will happen to Steve Bannon and President Trump. If we want to know who is behind all of these actions, we should pay attention to him, and listen to what he said. 04/06/2023 约书亚·弗瑞施泰因:郭文贵一直在警告美国人,警告我们会发生什么。很久之前,他就预言了史蒂夫·班农和川普总统会发生什么。如果我们想知道所有这一切事件的背后主谋是谁,我们就需要关注他,并听听他怎么说。


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