04/06/2023 On America First News, Nicole hopes the American people help free Miles Guo, because America is not free until Miles Guo is free. Pick up your phone and write to your elected officials to demand an immediate investigation on Miles Guo’s case. Because the weaponizations of American justice system is totally exemplified in these cases. Nations do not die from invasion. They die from internal rottenness. America needs to remove those sellouts.

04/06/2023 在美国第一新闻网节目中,妮可希望美国人帮助释放郭文贵先生,因为只有郭文贵先生获得自由,美国才会拥有真正的自由。打电话或者写信给你们选举的官员,要求立即对郭文贵先生的案件展开调查,因为美国司法系统的武器化在这些案件中展现的淋淋尽致。国家不会因外部侵略而亡,是由于内部的腐败才会灭亡。美国需要清除卖美贼。


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