04/06/2023 On America First News, Nicole reveals that two years ago, Miles Guo had warned the American public of CCP’s plan to indict President Trump to stop him from 2014 presidential bid. Nobody ever believed that will come true. But now we all witnessed the sad tragedy. The host Josh Feuerstein believed that the fact that Miles Guo is in jail actually proves he is speaking the truth.

04/06/2023 妮可参加美国第一新闻网节目,她揭示了在2年前,郭文贵先生就警告美国公众中共计划起诉川普,以阻止其参加2024年总统竞选。那时,没有人相信那会变成现实。但是,现在我们所有人都目睹了这个悲剧。主持人约书亚·弗瑞施泰因认为,如今郭文贵先生被关在监狱的事实更证明了他在讲真话。


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