03/23/2023 In an interview with the FOC Show, Ava Chen discussed Mr. Miles Guo’s ongoing legal battles brought against him by the CCP infiltrating the US Department of Justice. Mr. Miles Guo has faced numerous false allegations over the past six years, including the PAX case that he has been fighting for five years. David Whited notes that this type of political oppression has long existed in China, and now it is openly and freely appearing in the United States.

03/23/2023 在FOC Show的一次采访中,Ava Chen讨论了郭文贵先生与被中共渗透的美国司法部之间持续的法律纠纷。郭文贵先生在过去的六年中面临了许多虚假指控,包括他已经为之战斗了五年的PAX案件。大卫·怀特德指出,这种政治压迫在中共国长期存在,现在它公然地出现在了美国。


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