4/4/2023 【NFSC Citizens in Solidarity with Miles Guo Outside the SDNY Court】Some American traitors within the SEC have been collaborating with the CCP to orchestrate a bogus $1 billion fraud charge against Mr. Miles Guo, using fabricated victims and evidence supplied by the CCP. The CCP’s ultimate goal is to take down the U.S. via various forms of unrestricted warfare, including lawfare! 4/4/2023 【纽约南区法庭外新中国联邦人声援文贵先生】 SEC内部的卖美贼和中共合作,使用中共提供的假证人和证据编造了所谓10亿美元欺诈案来构陷郭先生。中共的终极目标就是通过包括司法超限战在内的各种超限战消灭美国!


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