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The Song of Randella: I BELIEVE (Miles Guo is Innocent)

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Mr. Miles Guo’s Revelation on July 27th, 2022: About Trump, Bannon, and Peter Navarro. It’s the CCP’s decision!

2021.12.08.Miles Guo Live.( forced transactions crime ): Miles Guo was the first person in history to receive a “forced trade” sentence from the CCP. Fined 60 billion RMB and confiscated $13 billion worth of stocks.

2024–0530 Breaking News: Mr. Guo Wengui’s lawyer provided the U.S. court with the agreement reached between the U.S. government and Mr. Guo Wengui. Nuclear bomb level! Mr. Guo Wengui was certified by the U.S. court as the number one enemy of the CCP, showing that the CCP has set up a special task force with the power of one country to eliminate him! 2024–0530


WolvesAndFinance: Miles Guo’s Trial Begins in NY. “I am convinced that this person is innocent.””I see a huge injustice happening…””This case is not actually about fraud, it is about China, Xi Jinping wants to arrest Guo Wengui” “Remember, if these three things are met, there is no fraud!” 1) Investors are happy 2) No money is lost 3) He achieved results

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2024-0525 Matt Kim: The Miles Guo Fraud trial just started. Everything you need to know…because they didn’t tell you. I don’t know if he’s legit…but lots of things that make you go “hmmmmm” Definitely the craziest story of the last couple years that got ZERO coverage. Why? 2024-0525 Matt Kim:郭文贵诈骗案审判才刚刚开始。 你需要知道的一切……因为他们没有告诉你。 我不知道他是否合法……但是很多事情让你“嗯嗯”绝对是过去几年最疯狂的故事,报道为零。 为什么?


Weijian Shan, one of the largest donor to #MotherJones via CCP-associated fundation, is stealing the American people’s pension funds via Shan’s investment firm Pacific Alliance Group (#PAG). WeijianShan is the CCP’s senior agent infiltrated to the US in the 1980s.

January 30, 2023 WINTERS: Mother Jones Exposed as Front for CCP Propaganda via Whistleblower Attacks…

1989年到1991年,MilesGuo在清丰看守所服刑期间,亲眼目睹中国有良知的民主人士被共产党虐杀,他彻底看透中共的邪恶,更明白一个道理:必须消灭中共才能解放中国人! From 1989 to 1991, while serving his sentence in Qingfeng Detention Center, Miles Guo witnessed with his own eyes the torture and murder of conscientious democrats in China by the Communist Party. He thoroughly saw through the evil of the CCP and understood one more truth: the CCP must be eliminated in order to liberate the Chinese people!


2017年11月郭文贵先生接受采访,被问到开启爆料革命后不后悔?他罕见动容,听听他怎么回答,他当时拥有了全世界所有人能想象的物质生活,为什么还要去做这个事情? In November 2017, Mr. Guo Wengui was interviewed and asked if he regretted starting the Whistleblower Revolution. He was rarely moved. Let’s hear how he answered. He had the material life that everyone in the world could imagine at that time, so why did he still do this?


郭先生说: 雁平,是新中国联邦的第一位英雄!Mr. Guo said: Yan Ping is the first hero of the New Federation of China!…

The U.S. Congressional hearing confirms Mr. Miles Guo ‘s revelation that Operation Fox Hunt is the CCP’s effort to crackdown political opponents in the name of anti-corruption. 美国国会听证会验证郭文贵先生的爆料:猎狐行动是中共打着反腐的名义打击政敌

3/23/2022 Miles Guo: Although the CCP did not supply Russia with weapons, it has provided funds, food supplies, intelligence, and communication systems, hasn’t it? The whole world will believe that the Chinese people are the “culprits”. This is the most worrisome!

I guarantee with my life that the CCP virus is a biological weapon, and all the Covid vaccines are fake and harmful. The CCP has the antidote. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast: April 21, 2021 我用生命保证:中共病毒是生化武器,所有的新冠疫苗都是假的,且有害的。共产党有解药。04/21/2021

2020-0419: After the VOA 419 blackout, Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, and Meng Jianzhu took advantage of Gong Xiaoxia’s lies to create the greatest fear for Xi Jinping and the commuist party, and used the silent power of the United States and countless interests to arrest my family. just trying to get me back to China to cover up their scandal! 2020-0419: VOA 419断播门后习近平、王岐山、孟建柱利用了龚小夏的撒谎制造了习近平和党内最大的恐惧,动用了美国的沉默力量,和数不尽的利益,抓捕虐待七哥的家人,就为了把七哥弄回中国,掩盖它们的丑闻!

2023.03.10 郭文贵先生:安东尼.福奇 和王延轶什么关系?2023.03.10 Mr. Miles Guo : What is the relationship between Anthony Fauci and Wang Yanyi?

【2023年3月9 新闻采访】格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德先生采访小…

2023年3月9日, 格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德先生采访小王子精彩片段: 如果美国政府正在希望能找出针对美国的中共病毒生物武器的来源,我建议美国国会和美国政府,去调查一下福奇和王延轶的关系 March 9, 2023, highlights of Mr. Grant Stinchfield’s interview with the Little Prince, If the U.S. government is hoping to find out the source of the CCP virus biological weapons against the United States, I suggest that the U.S. Congress and the U.S. government investigate the relationship between Fauci and Wang Yanyi #Fauci #王延轶

2023.03.10, Miles Guo’s …

The House Select Committee on Chinese Communist Party forwarded a research report from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). The report mentions Guo Wengui eight times as a target of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security’s Facebook network. FDD is a nonpartisan research organization based in Washington, D.C., focused on national security and foreign policy and does not accept donations from any foreign governments. 众议院中共特别委员会转发了保卫民主基金会(FDD)的一篇研究报告, 报告中8次提到郭先生是中共公安部的脸书网络的打击目标。 FDD是一家位于华盛顿特区的无党派 研究机构,专注于国家安全和外交政策,不接受任何外国政府的捐赠。

郭先生的手机,被中共2017年8月27日 军方骇客视频 Mr. Guo’s mobile phone was hacked by the CCP’s military hacker video on August 27, 2017

In 2017, the CCP hacked into U.S. law firm Clark Hill, causing over 500 of its computers unable to boot up Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast: October 04, 2018 2017 年,中共骇客美国Clark Hill律所,并致其500台电脑无法开机 10/04/2018

CCP masters the “remote towing” technology, all the modern computerized electronics in the US, anything (computer, chip, airplane, car, yacht, or boat) including the smart home eletronics in your home, CCP can hack and control them all.

郭文贵先生:爆料革命掌握着核心的共产党的机密和情报。 中国有牵引技术的负责人就是:江绵恒! 中共就是数据帝国,能监听世界上任何一个手机、电脑甚至电子设备。 马航的事件让西方认定共产党真的有干掉世界的野心!Mr. Miles Guo: The Whistleblower Revolution holds the core secrets and intelligence of the Communist Party. The person in charge of China’s traction technology is: Jiang Mianheng! The CCP is a data empire that can monitor any mobile phone, computer or even electronic device in the world. The Malaysia Airlines incident made the West believe that the Communist Party really has the ambition to take down the world!

江志成家族:是世界上最有钱的家族王岐山家族:资产上千亿美元,仅在银行就有200多亿美元,通过虚拟货币、家族信托、离岸公司控制藏匿资产。Jiang Zhicheng Family: The richest family in the world. Wang Qishan Family: Assets reach hundreds of billions of dollars, with more than 20 billion dollars in banks alone. They control and hide assets through virtual currencies, family trusts, and offshore companies.

郭文贵揭露太平联盟(单伟建)、吴征、马云、萨姆·农伯格(Sam Nunberg)、运鸿国际集团、 中投基金等11个中共基金如何操纵美国股市,在三到五周内掠夺美国民众100亿美元的资金。Miles Guo revealed how 11 CCP funds including Taiping Alliance (Shan Weijian), Wu Zheng, Jack Ma, Sam Nunberg, Yunhong International Group, and China Investment Fund manipulated the U.S. stock market and plundered it within three to five weeks $10 billion from the American people.

Mr. Guo Wengui’s live broadcast on February 12, 2020: Wengui used 50 billion US dollars in assets, the lives of his whole family, and three years to prove to you the evil of the CCP: the Jack Ma incident, the HNA Wang Jian incident, the Chen Feng incident, the Sun Yao incident, The Guanjun incident, the Liu Chengjie incident, the Meng Hongwei incident, the progress of Sino-US trade, the truth about the Hong Kong movement, the CCP preparing quasi-chemical weapons for Hong Kong, how to arrest people during the Hong Kong movement… there was not a single lie or a wrong statement.

郭文贵先生2020.02.12直播: 文贵用五百亿美元的资产…

Miles Guo’s Revelation On the CCP’s Plans After the U.S.-China Decoupling On February 26th, 2023

2022-0219 Mr. Wengui’s video review. Luc Despins once threatened Mr. Guo Wenfei with US$250 million. Mr. Guo’s lawyer said: How could he give you US$250 million? Where would he get US$250 million? “Luc said something: “If I throw him into prison, he will say yes. “Also, Luc used the IRS and SEC to threaten Mr. Guo. LUC said in court that he meets with the Department of Justice, IRS and SEC every week. Why do they meet every week?

20220219 文贵先生视频回顾 Luc Despins …

The whole process of VOA 2017 419 being suspended! 美国之音VOA 419断播全过程! #FreeMilesGuo #TAKEDOWNTHECCP

Miles Guo: The CCP’s “white extermination” plan is the core of its 13579 and 3F plans to destroy the United States and the dominance of the U.S. dollar.

Today is the one year anniversary of Miles Guo’s arrest on Mar 15, 2023 and we have received A LOT of support from around the globe and we are deeply grateful. Miles Guo’s trial is set at 9AM ET May 20th, 2024, at the Southern District Court of New York, USA. More than 200 media outlets are following and reporting on the trial.

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Let’s take a look at this indictment against 40 spies of the Chinese Communist Party. Who is victim number one starting on page 57? That’s Mr. Guo Wengui! It explains in detail how the CCP police controlled multiple accounts, infiltrated social platforms, implemented shift work and commissary systems, conducted a large number of rumors and smear campaigns against Mr. Guo Wengui and his comrades, carried out the fox hunting operation that started in 2017, and hacked Mr. Guo Wengui. , interrupted the live broadcast, and explained a complete workflow for low-end 50-cent attack on Brother Qi! The official documents from the Ministry of Justice just prove that Mr. Guo Wengui is the number one enemy and victim of the Communist Party!…

The CCP’s global mobilization of colour-skinned people to eliminate white people started with sowing hatred and discord, which Miles Guo witnessed multiple times. The movie ‘The White Tiger’ reveals the hidden socialist and communist agenda and an unsettling message – white people cause all your problems, and you are the victims of White culture. #TAKEDOWNTHECCP #freemilesguo #whitetiger #racialwar

Due to arrogance and ignorance…

司法部文件详述了中共如何利用水军攻击“中共的头号敌人”郭文贵先生和持不同政见者 The Ministry of Justice document details how the CCP uses cybermilitaries to attack “the CCP’s number one enemy” Mr. Guo Wengui and political dissidents❗️ 34 Officers of People’s Republic of China National Police Charged with Perpetrating Transnational Repression Scheme Targeting U.S. Residents…

Alex Jones & Roger Stone: Kissinger Was a Top Agent of the Chinese Communist Party – 11/30/23, Kissinger contacted President Trump and try to persuade Trump to extradite Miles Guo #FreeMilesGuo

From Twitter:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been conducting hacking attacks on U.S. soil. In 2017, when Miles Guo was on Lady May, its Wi-Fi was hacked and lost control in the Hudson River, which shows that the U.S. government’s defense to the CCP’s possible attack including hacking and cyber attack on the United States and its facilities is insufficient. #FreeMilesGuo

共產黨是人類有史以來最大的邪教、最黑的黑幫、最殘忍的恐怖份子、最變態的一群雜種、最崇洋媚外的一幫賣國盜國之賊! The Chinese Communist Party is the largest cult, the blackest gangster, the most cruel terrorist, the most perverted group of bastards, and the most foreign-loving group of traitors and thieves in the history of mankind! #释放郭文贵 #FreeMilesGuo

Miles Guo’s new trial date is now set to be May 20, 2024.…

灭共第一人郭文贵先生|CCP’s Enemy No 1 Miles Guo, Miles Kwok 、美国有很大一股势力跟共产党沆瀣一气、灭共的最大阻力就在美国 There is a large force in the United States that colludes with the Communist Party. The biggest obstacle to destroying the Communist Party is the United States. #FreeMilesGuo

这可能是史上最大的个人罚款, 被罚130亿美元! 非法审讯,威逼利诱,刑讯逼供,完全没有法律。就是抢劫,这就是中共国。 #郭文贵 #共产党头号敌人 This may be the largest individual fine in history, with a fine of $13 billion! Illegal interrogation, coercion and inducement, and torture to extract confessions, there is no law at all. It’s robbery, this is China. #FreeMilesGuo

2023.12.19 妮可采访战斗室主播班农先生: 一位世界最伟大的人士郭文贵先生至今还被非法关押,唯一理由是美国政府害怕文贵先生出来,能参加国会作证,揭露卖美贼与习共党的勾结。 为了美国的国家安全,为了美国和中国人民,需要释放郭文贵先生。美国需要跟中共完全彻底脱钩,并要消灭共匪。 【 #NFSC #AMFEST2023】12/19/2023 Nicole interviews Steve Bannon (host of Warroom) : Miles Guo, one of the greatest man in the world, is now locked up in a prison. One only reason is The American government is afraid to have Miles Guo out. We have to free Miles Guo, separate #CCP from China and Chinese LaoBaixing and take down the CCP. #FreeMilesGuo

12/18/2023 加利福尼亚州第51选区众议员参选人史蒂芬·霍希尔:我们必须释放郭文贵先生,因为美国是法治国家。为了清除中共在美国的势力,每个人应开始每天联络他们的参议员和众议员,不停发送电子邮件和短信、拨打电话,并告诉社交媒体上的每个人我们不能再容忍这类事情发生。【 AMFEST2023 】 12/18/2023 Stephan Hohil, running to represent California State Assembly District 51: We got to get Miles Guo out of prison because we have laws. To kick out the CCP in the US, everybody’s got to start standing up to their legislators, senators and congressmen every single day, relentlessly sending out emails, texts, making phone calls and telling everybody on social media that we’re not going to stand for this anymore.

班农先生:司法部和拜登把他关进了监狱在审判之前,这样他就不能出来作证和提供关于拜登如何被中共买通。你将在拜登的弹劾听证会上看到,我希望郭文贵是最重要的证人之一。 Mr. Bannon: The Department of Justice and Biden put him in jail before trial so that he could not come out and testify and provide information about how Biden was paid by the Chinese Communist Party. You’ll see in Biden’s impeachment hearings, I hope Guo Wengui will be one of the most important witnesses.#FREEMILESGUO#AMFEST2023

12/18/2023 罗伊: 我们新中国联邦的创始人郭文贵先生, 因8964支持天安门广场的抗议者而被捕入狱, 和他一起被捕的还有60多人, 那些英雄是当着郭文贵先生的面被杀害处决的, 你永远不会忘记他们临刑前的眼神, 那是一种无声的请求, 希望有人继承他们的遗志, 并又朝一日将民主和自由带给中国, 郭文贵先生幸存下来, 而且在多年后, 他发起了一个叫”爆料革命的运动”, 其唯一目的就是消灭中国共产党, 他开始接露有关中共的情报和中共的邪恶计划, 当然这么做的后果是, 他成了最被中共针对, 最受中共迫害的中国异议人士, 但他从未停止过斗争! 12/18/2023 Roy: Mr. Guo Wengui, the founder of our NFSC, was arrested and imprisoned for supporting the Tiananmen Square protesters in 8964. More than 60 people were arrested with him. Those heroes were killed and executed in front of Mr. Guo Wengui. You will never forget the look in their eyes before they were executed. It was a silent request, hoping that someone would inherit their legacy and bring democracy and freedom to China one day. Mr. Guo Wengui survived, and many years later, he launched He started a movement called “Whistleblower Revolution” with the sole purpose of annihilating the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). He began to leak information about the CCP and its evil plans. Of course, the consequence of this was that he became the most targeted and most criticized person by the CCO. persecuted Chinese dissidents, but he never stopped fighting!

#FreeMilesGuo #Takedownccp #AM…

Mr. Bannon: 1) We need to free MilesGuo, who has done more than anyone to protect the U.S. from the poison of the CCP;2) The #1 objective of President Trump’s next term must be to take down the Xi Communist Party, the most evil dictatorship since Adolf Hitler. 班农 先生 :1)#郭文贵 保护美国不受中共的毒害,我们需要释放郭文贵!2)中国老百姓:你们有美国成千上万的爱国者和 NFSC 的支持。3)你不能说“中国”共产党来抹黑中国人的名声,中国很伟大。不是“中国”共产党,是“习”共党。4)川普总统下一任期的首要目标必须是完全 #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo

他们不是喜马拉雅交易所的受害者,而是司法部激进的没收政策的受害者!喜交所委托的对司法部诉讼的律师,公开声明。They are not victims of the Himalayan Exchange, they are victims of the Department of Justice’s aggressive confiscation policies! The lawyer appointed by HiEx in the lawsuit against the Department of Justice made a public statement.

美媒The Gateway Pundit 重磅文章:习近平钳制异见者的努力无法阻挡新中国联邦的正义之声 文章指出:在习近平到访旧金山之前中共已部署媒体屏蔽异议声音,特别是阻止对于NFSC抗议活动的报道。倡导中国全面民主改革的NFSC因其坚决反对中国共产党的大胆立场而受到国际关注,是反对Xi独裁统治的最大组织。 2017年Miles Guo接受美国之音采访揭露共产主义领导层,但采访被神秘中断。并非巧合的是,郭是NFSC的创始人——自那以后,CCP从未放弃审查他和他领导的运动 NFSC Movement Speaks Out Despite Xi Jinping’s Efforts to Muzzle Dissent


您知道爆料革命吗?您了解新中国联邦吗? 本记录片介绍了,从2017年4月19日发生,美国之音对郭文贵先生断播事件,爆料革命为更多世人所知,到2020年6月4日正式宣布新中国联邦成立,三年之间的重大历史事件。 新中国联邦诞生已经三年多了! 跟随新中国联邦,全球华人的希望 Do you know about the Whistleblower Revolution? Do you know the NEW FEDERAL STATE OF CHINA? This documentary introduces the incident of the Voice of America’s interruption of Mr. Guo Wengui’s broadcast on April 19, 2017, which made the Whistleblower Revolution known to more people, to the official announcement of the establishment of the NEW FEDERAL STATE OF CHINA on June 4, 2020. Three years later, major historical events. It has been more than three years since the birth of the New Federation of China! Follow the NEW FEDERAL STATE OF CHINA, the hope of Chinese people around the world

班农先生: 川普总统、郭文贵先生以及他本人都因反中共而被起诉,而真正应被起诉的是中共这个跨国犯罪组织以及卖美贼们! 共产党你完了 Mr. Bannon: President Trump, Mr. Guo Wengui, and himself have all been prosecuted for being anti-CCP, but what really should be prosecuted is the CCP, a transnational criminal organization, and the American traitors! Communist Party, you are finished❗️❗️❗️ #FreeMilesGuo #释放郭文贵

Pras Michel is guilty in $100 million foreign influence case. He admitted he tried to influence & lobby the American justice official, White House officials on behalf of CCP government to extradite Chinese billionaire, Chinese dissident Miles Guo back to China.

Miles Guo exposes both Sequoia Capital and PAG (Pacific Alliance Group)’s power and influence in the United States. #FreeMilesGuo

Is DOJ Using Victimless “Crime” to Justify Long-term Detention?…

Is Miles Guo Innocent? on March 15, Chinese Billionaire Miles Guo was arrested in New York for $1B in fraud. If you are a business person in America, you need to be paying attention to this case, because it teaches us a lot about what the government can do to business owners. We are going to be looking at the question, “Is Miles Guo innocent?”Is Miles Guo Innocent?

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班农先生大爆料: 红杉资本资助众议院议长麦卡锡,和众议院情报委员会主席迈克·特纳!并且也是民主党的支持者。 迈克·特纳关闭了对红杉资本的调查, 红杉资本盗取美国养老基金,并通过沈南鹏资助中共军方人工智能项目!就是在我们的调查和打击之后,红杉决定分割,这不起作用。这个红杉资本的故事,将成为这个夏天最大的新闻 Mr. Bannon broke the news: Sequoia Capital funded House Speaker McCarthy and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner! And is also a supporter of the Democratic Party. Mike Turner closed the investigation into Sequoia Capital, which stole U.S. pension funds and funded the Chinese military’s artificial intelligence projects through Shen Nanpeng! It was after our investigation and crackdown that Sequoia decided to split, which didn’t work. This Sequoia Capital story will become the biggest news of the summer

Shan Weijian’s career path and life in the West is planned by the CCP to infiltrate the financial system built by Jews in the West. Shan Weijian is the Executive Chairman of PAG, the company has caused millions to billions of American pension funds investment loss in China.

Exclusive Intelligence: #Hamas has set traps for the #Israel army. This is from #MilesGuo and #NFSC. We do not want to see innocent people being killed by terrorists and we hope that Israel, Palestine, USA, and peace loving people around the world can hear our warnings.

Three years ago (2020), on Warroom, Miles Guo warned the U.S. and Jews are the targets of the evil CCP. In 2017, Miles Guo revealed the CCP’s chemical and bioweapons programs in Washington, DC, but no one acted on the intel. The Axis of Evil, organized & funded by the CCP, may release more viruses to overwhelm the U.S. and its allies. Don’t forget that the CCP is a terrorist group. It killed tens of millions of Chinese people to release and spread COVID-19 to the world in late 2019 and early 2020. They will do it again if needed! They have 0 regard for human lives! Darkness is here! Please decouple the CCP, declare them a terrorist group and sanction the CCP kleptocrat families. information about the CCP’s Please pay attention

Over the past 5-6 years, Mr. Miles Guo has been warning the US and the world that the Middle East is going to be taken by the CCP. Aila Wang: The CCP is actually allying with America’s enemies, which supply 80% of the energy globally. Once these countries stand with the CCP, the global energy network will be threatened. This is where the CCP is trying to threaten the U.S. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY IS DOING EVERYTHING IT CAN TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES #NFSC shares the same interest with American patriots, that is to secure America and take down the CCP. information about the CCP’s infiltration. Thank you #FreeMilesGuo #中东战争

共产党在中东点燃的战火,都是普京和习死皇一早的计划。发动乌克兰战争,中共配合普京截击美国和西方的金融制裁。邪恶五国加新加入的小国家,要在中东开展‘‘围魏救赵’‘策略,把整个中东世界能源供给砸烂,点燃战火要把世界经济砸垮。让美国和西方的石油崩溃,欧洲就会在俄侵乌事上妥协,美国在金融上妥协,停止Swift制裁,中共就可以打台湾。郭文贵先生的爆料让西方世界提前有了准备 The wars ignited by the Communist Party in the Middle East were all planned by Putin and Xi from the very beginning. In launching the war in Ukraine, the CCP cooperated with Putin to intercept financial sanctions from the United States and the West. The evil five countries and the newly added small countries want to carry out the strategy of “encircling Wei and saving Zhao” in the Middle East, smashing the energy supply of the entire Middle East and the world, igniting war and destroying the world economy. If the oil industry in the United States and the West collapses, Europe will compromise on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If the United States compromises on finance and stops Swift sanctions, the CCP can attack Taiwan. Mr. Guo Wengui’s revelations made the Western world prepare in advance

中东战火也被 共产党 点着了、一切都按共产党的计划在进行中 The war in the Middle East has also been ignited by the Communist Party, and everything is proceeding according to the Communist Party’s plan

2023年10月01日 今天是郭先生在美国入狱200天,不得保释。 郭先生是新中国联邦的领导人。 新中国联邦的使命是灭共。 October 01, 2023. Today is Mr. Guo’s 200th day in jail in the United States without bail. Mr. Guo is the leader of the New Federation of China. The mission of the New China Federation is to destroy the Communist Party.

Merrick Garland is a LIAR #FreeMilesGuo

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此时此刻,全世界都知道 是CCP指使金正恩去和普京会面,“吃它喝它”… 咋 弄 咧 Miles Guo first alerted the world that the CCP is behind the Russia-Ukraine war and supports Putin. And now, the meeting between Kim and Putin is the CCP’s evil plan to cooperate with Putin militarily and economically. What’s coming next?! We must act NOW! Let’s take down the CCP! #China#russiaukrainewar#xijinping#俄乌战争#习近平#金正恩

Miles Guo is the most hacked and cyberbullied individual in the world. This is solely due to his commitment to speaking the truth and his goal of taking down the CCP. Nobody is genuinely secure as long as the CCP remains in power. Let’s act now and TAKE DOWN THE CCP!

09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: After Miles Guo’s lawyer sent this motion on August 30, the Southern District Court immediately requested the government to respond to the motion before September 21. Miles Guo’s lawyer pointed out many violations of rights in the bankruptcy proceedings, and the procedure is also questionable. The Trustee Luc objected strongly, saying that it was an unprecedented attack on the procedure of bankruptcy, asking the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court to hold an immediate hearing. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:郭先生律师在8月30号发出动议后,南区法院法官立即要求政府在9月21号前回应郭先生律师的动议。由于郭先生律师指出了过去破产案程序当中有很多侵权行为,而且这个程序都是值得质疑的,遭到了受托人Luc强烈反对,他说这是前所未有的对破产法庭程序的攻击,要求康州的破产法庭马上召开听证会。

09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: The government thought the Mahwah base was involved in the criminal case. But now the Trustee wants to sell the base in haste before the trial for the criminal case. And the income will all be used to pay for Trustee’s attorney fees, rather than the so-called victim. But the Mahwah base is critical evidence for Miles Guo’s exculpation. The lawyer thinks this has violated the Brady rights of Miles Guo. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:政府认为Mahwah基地涉及刑事案件,然而刑事案件还没开始庭审,受托人就匆忙地要将基地卖掉。而且,卖基地所得的钱将全部用于支付受托人的律师费,而不是为了赔偿所谓的受害者。 而Mahwah基地是郭先生释罪的重要证据。刑事案律师认为这侵犯了郭先生的Brady权利。

09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: Miles Guo’s chief lawyer in the criminal case, filed a motion in Southern District Court of New York, asking to suspend Miles Guo’s bankruptcy case, as what they’ve done has already violated many of Miles Guo’s Rights, which includes right of self-preservation from the Fifth Amendment and the Brady right, which is the right to obtain evidence for exculpation. In the document, it stated that the government and the Trustee have been working together behind the scenes to play Miles Guo, which has hindered Miles Guo from defending himself. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:郭文贵刑事案的首席律师向纽约南区法院发了一个动议,要求暂停郭文贵的破产案,原因是破产案的处理程序侵犯了郭文贵的很多权利,包括第五修正案的自我保护权利及获得释罪证据的Brady权利。文件里提到政府和受托人一直联手对付郭先生,这个行为阻碍了郭文贵为自己辩护的公正权利。

Today is Friday, September 1, 2023. Miles Guo has been jailed in the U.S. without bond for 170 days. Guo is the leader of the New Federal State of China. Their mission is to take down the CCP. The same CCP infiltrating our local, state and federal governments, schools, and media with millions of dollars

Today is Thursday, August 31, 2023. Miles Guo has been jailed in the U.S. without bond for 169 days. Guo is the leader of the New Federal State of China. Their mission is to take down the CCP. The same CCP infiltrating our local, state and federal governments, schools, and media with millions of dollars” 美国爱国者记得文贵先生 ——— 今天是 2023 年 8 月 31 日星期四。郭文贵(Miles Guo)已在美国被监禁 169 天,不得保释。郭是新中国联邦的领导人。他们的使命是 消灭中共。就是那个用大量美元渗透我们(美国)的地方、州和联邦政府、学校和媒体的中国共产党。

MATTA OF FACT 8.17.23 @2pm: The CCP is watching you’ – CCP surveillance-02 为什么中共这么害怕郭文贵?郭先生说,因为在中国过去的100年来,从来没有人试图挑战这个独裁国家。 Why is the CCP so afraid of Guo Wengui? Mr. Guo says it’s because no one has ever tried to challenge this dictatorship in the last 100 years in China.

MATTA OF FACT 8.17.23 @2pm: The CCP is watching you’ – CCP surveillance The number one target of the CCP from the get-go is weapon-related technology. They target the US military, military contracts, and senior officials, including buying the family members of American politics and business elites. 中共從一開始的首要目標就是武器相關技術。目標是美軍、軍事合同和高級官員,包括收買美國政界和商界精英的家族成員。

08/16/2023 Aila on ‘Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner’: Organ Harvest is CCP’s notorious human rights violation abuses. Mr. Miles Guo stated in his previous broadcasts that most CCP government officials used to be tied into the organ black market. Because when their health comes into the condition, they need a fresh organ to support the longevity of their life. I believe Uyghurs and college students in the top elite schools are the primary targets of this organ harvesting from the Chinese Communist Party. 08/16/2023 小飞象做客《战场前线:与达斯汀·福克纳战斗在前线》节目:活摘器官是中共又一臭名昭著的侵犯人权行为。郭文贵先生此前曾在直播中提到,大多中共政府官员都与器官黑市有关联。因为当他们的健康出问题时,他们需要一个新鲜的器官来延续生命。我认为维吾尔人以及中共国顶级精英学校的大学生是中共活摘器官的主要对象。

08/16/2023 Aila on ‘Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner’: The CCP has long planned to establish its own military bases near the United States. Miles Guo whistleblowed that CCP’s hotels, embassies, and consulates in Cuba serve as espionage platforms. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the CCP’s primary objectives was to advance vaccine policies, ensuring the enforcement of mandatory vaccination within the U.S. military so that the toxic CCP vaccine can be injected into the US military. 08/16/2023 小飞象做客《战场前线:与达斯汀·福克纳战斗在前线》节目:中共早就计划在美国附近建立自己的军事基地。郭文贵曾经爆料过,中共在古巴的酒店、大使馆和领事馆都是中共的间谍平台。甚至在新冠疫情期间,中共的主要目标就是推动疫苗政策,确保疫苗强制接种政策可以在美国军方实施,从而使得有毒的中共疫苗可以注射到美国军人体内。

08/16/2023 Aila on ‘Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner’: The CCP has already succeeded in utilizing COVID-19 as a biological weapon to launch it against the West. And now a CCP-owned bio lab is found in California. The US government should absolutely establish strong law enforcement actions against the CCP to establish any bioweapon lab in this country and even needs to step forward that we should not let the CCP initiate any kind of bioweapon-related activities. It’s not just to protect the US, but also to protect the world. 08/16/2023 小飞象做客《战场前线:与达斯汀·福克纳战斗在前线》节目:中共已成功地利用新冠病毒作为生物武器对西方世界发起了攻击。现在加州又发现了一个中共的生物实验室。美国政府必须采取强有力的执法行动,以阻止中共在这个国家建立任何生物武器实验室。也需要进一步采取行动,不能让中共发起任何形式的生物武器活动。这不仅仅是为了保护美国,更是为了保护整个世界。

8/17/2023 【Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show @stinchfield1776】A video from the BBC reveals that CCP’s cameras have been installed in the British Home Office’s lobby. Grant Stinchfield remarks that the CCP has infiltrated the U.S. power grid and is also capable of infiltrating the security systems and cameras of the U.S. and its allies. Nicole Tsai points out that Mr. Miles Guo had already issued warnings about the CCP’s spyware, and the root cause lies in the ties between the U.S. and the CCP. 8/17/2023 【妮可做客Grant Stinchfield Show节目】BBC的视频显示,中共的摄像头被安装到了英国内政部大厅。格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德表示,中共渗透了美国的电网,也能渗透美国及其盟国的安全系统和摄像头。妮可指出,郭文贵先生早就对中共的间谍软件发出了警告,其根源在于美国跟中共的挂钩。

FOC Show: The CCP is Hacking You! – Ava Chen; What Are The BRICS Planning With August 22nd Durban Accords? – Economic Update Miles Guo has long said that the CCP was able to grow because of Western money, technology, and support. That is why the West must decouple itself from the CCP. 郭文贵先生早就说过,中共之所以能够成长,是因为西方的金钱、技术和支持。所以西方必须与中国共产党脱钩。

FOC Show: The CCP is Hacking You! – Ava Chen; What Are The BRICS Planning With August 22nd Durban Accords? – Economic Update The CCP controls the exits of 40% of the world’s modules, accessible to hackers. When people enter their passwords on their cell phones, they can see everything, and Guo Wengui’s intelligence tells us that the CCP wants to control Americans’ internet systems in order to cripple America’s critical infrastructure 中共实际控制了40%的网络模组出口,并且是可以让黑客进入的。当人们在手机上输入密码时,他们可以看得一清二楚,郭文贵的情报告诉我们,中共要控制美国人的互联网系统,以瘫痪美国的关键基础设施i

8/17/2023 【Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show @stinchfield1776】Reports from Stanford University and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute reveal that Mr. Miles Guo has been subjected to relentless cyber attacks by the CCP over the years due to his efforts to take down the CCP. Nicole added that Western mainstream media bought off by the CCP have also attacked Mr. Guo. Grant Stinchfield said that Chinese people risking great dangers to watch his program humbles him deeply. 8/17/2023 【妮可做客Grant Stinchfield Show节目】斯坦福大学和澳大利亚战略政策研究所的报告显示,郭文贵先生因为灭共,多年来遭到了中共不间断的网络攻击。妮可补充道,中共收买的西方主流媒体也攻击了郭先生。格兰特表示,中国人冒着巨大风险来看他的节目让他感到很谦卑

08/17/2023 Aila on Liberty Hour: The CCP is famous for picturing a rosy image for its own citizens and trying to defraud the investment from the West. Nowadays, the CCP’s banking systems and the real estate properties are facing the same issues, they do not have enough money to repay debts. Miles Guo has been broadcasting over the past years and whistleblowing about the danger of CCP’s shadow banking and real estate market, which will drag the US economy into hell. 08/17/2023 小飞象做客Liberty Hour:中共擅长描绘美好的景象来欺骗自己的国民并忽悠西方来投资。现在,中共国的银行体系和房地产市场都面临同样的问题,它们没有足够的资金来偿还债务。郭文贵多年来一直在直播中爆料,中共的影子银行和房地产市场会让美国的经济万劫不复。

8/16/2023 【Ava on Outside the Beltway @RealAmVoice】Ava Chen: Why did Mr. Miles Guo receive ten lawsuits filed against him in the U.S. within 150 days after he launched the Whistleblowers’ Movement in January 2017? Why is it that the Western mainstream media and journalists cite all those cases from the CCP’s courts? 8/16/2023 【Ava做客Outside the Beltway节目】Ava:为什么郭文贵先生于2017年1月发起爆料革命后的150天内他就在美国收到对他发起的10起诉讼? 为什么西方主流媒体和记者们引用的都是那些中共的法庭案例?

The Man the CCP Fears Most… In this eye-opening video, we delve into the controversial world of Miles Guo, a Chinese billionaire and online influencer making waves with his mission to expose the secrets of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Arrested for alleged fraud in New York City and silenced by a mysterious penthouse fire, Guo has nonetheless maintained a loyal following of investors who insist they are victims of the SEC and a CCP-infiltrated US Federal Government, rather than Guo. Featuring shocking claims of CCP infiltration within the US Department of Justice and plans to undermine the US military, this video provides a fresh perspective on global politics and intrigue. Join us as we uncover the truth behind the machinations and mysteries surrounding this prominent figure.

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7/13/2023 Former Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Cai Esheng, has been tried and pleaded guilty! As early as 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Cai Esheng, the founding father of Communist China’s trust industry, would be investigated by Xi Jinping. Mr. Guo also pointed out that the total value of financial notes in the CCP’s trust industry had reached a staggering 7 trillion yuan and is filled with numerous fraudulent activities. The fake economic prosperity of the CCP cannot last much longer! 7/13/2023 中共国前银监会副主席蔡鄂生受审并认罪!早在2021年,郭文贵先生就爆出,中共国的信托之父蔡鄂生会被习近平调查。郭先生当时还指出,中共信托业的票据已达7万亿人民币之多并充斥着大量造假,中共的假擀面杖子经济撑不了多久了!

Catherine Salgado: NFSC Spokesman Warns U.S. of CCP Infiltration…

7/10/2023 【Nicole on The @WayneDupreeShow】If the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party really wants to solve the problem of the CCP, it should pay attention to the case of Mr. Miles Guo, which took place on U.S. soil, and let him testify before Congress! 7/10/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里播客节目】美国国会中共问题特设委员会如果真想解决中共问题,应该关注发生在美国本土的郭文贵先生的案件,并让郭文贵先生去国会作证!

07/10/2023 Nicole on The John Fredericks Show: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has videotapes of all American politicians, lawyers, judges, and diplomats accepting sex bribes when they visit China, and that’s why the CCP can force them into total compliance. It’s also one of the reasons why Miles Guo remains in federal prison and has been denied bail. They don’t like the Chinese whistleblower. 07/10/2023 妮可做客The John Fredericks Show:中共拥有所有美国政客、律师、法官和外交官访问中国时接受性贿赂的录像带,这就是为什么中共可以迫使他们完全服从。这也是为什么郭文贵仍然被关押在联邦监狱且被拒绝保释的原因之一,因为他们不喜欢这位中国吹哨人。

07/08/2023 Nicole on @WayneDupreeShow: Shan Weijian, a CCP ministry level agent, is now managing the CCP’s largest private equity firm PAX, with more than $45 billion assets under management.He touts the CCP’s theory of engagement to Americans on mainstream media, “If you don’t invest in Communist China, you’re missing the boat”. That’s how he scammed hundreds of billions of dollars from the American people’s public pension fund. 07/08/2023 妮可作客《Wayne Dupree Show》:单伟建是中共的一名部级特工,他管理着中共最大的私募股权公司太盟亚洲机会基金,资产管理规模超过450亿美元。他在主流媒体上向美国人鼓吹中共的接触政策“如果不投资中共国,就会错失良机”。正是通过这种方式,他从美国人民的公共养老基金中骗取了数千亿美元。

2023.07.06【Ava on Matta of Fact-02】Miles Guo vs. UBS case will be tried in the High Court of London after almost 8 years of Miles’ fight because the US court denied trial based on “foreign inconvenience.” 經過近8年的鬥爭,郭先生訴瑞銀案將在倫敦高等法院審理,因為美國法院以“外國不便”為由拒絕審理。

The CCP’s #SequoiaCapital is the “shadow government” in the United States.The CCP is waging #UnrestrictedWarfare against the United States by weaponizing markets and justice systems. 红杉资本 是中共在美国的“影子政府”。中共通过武器化市场和司法,对美国发动 #超限战 #释放郭文贵 FreeMilesGuo #GuoHasTheGoods

WHISTLEBLOWERS 7.1.23 @12PM: Shan Weijian, who returned to Beijing and studied English before the opening of universities across the country during the Cultural Revolution, was one of the first batch of international students to the United States. He was cultivated and groomed by the CCP as a spy. 单伟建经历了文革,在全国大学还没开放的时候就已经回到北京学习英语,并是首批到美国的留学生,他就是被中共培养和伪装的为盗国贼服务的间谍。

WHISTLEBLOWERS 7.1.23 @12PM: : Shan Weijian is one of the first international students sent by the Chinese Communist Party. Their education is to help the CCP kleptocrats to steal, hide and Launder wealth. 单伟建是中共派出的第一批国际留学生之一。他们的任务就是帮中共盗国贼偷窃,隐藏和洗白财富。

06.29 Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell In order to curry favor with the Chinese Communist Party, the current U.S. government had to deny Guo Wengui’s request for bail and had to lie about the establishment of the CCP’s spy base in Cuba. But appeasement will never work. 为了讨好中共,美国现任政府不得不拒绝郭文贵的保释要求,不得不对中共在古巴的间谍基地的设立撒谎。但绥靖主义永远不会奏效。

Chinese whistle blowers with close ties to the Chinese communist party believe Joe Biden sold out 36 CIA assets inside China while he was vice president. Those 36 heroes were allegedly murdered by the CCP. New Podcast. Link in Bio. @NFSCSpeak

0627 Ava Chen on Ryan Matta show “Breaking News: The Biden Crime Families Days Are Numbered” Harvest Fund’s Henry Zhao and Hunter Biden co-founded Bohai Harvest RST; the co-founder of one of Henry Zhao’s other companies is Jia Liqing. Her father is Jia Chunwang, who is the Minister of State Security of the CCP, Jia Li Qing’s father-in-law is Liu Yunshan, one of the CCP kleptocrats, who is in charge of the CCP Propaganda Department. 嘉实基金的赵学军和亨特拜登联合创办渤海华美,赵学军的另外一家公司的联合创始人是贾丽青,她的父亲是贾春旺,他是中共国家安全部部长;贾丽青的公公是中共盗国贼之一,负责中共宣传部的刘云山 。

06.29 Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell Miles Guo called the fact that Chinese spy bases were being built in Cuba. 郭文贵先生预测到了中共国正在古巴建立间谍基地这一事实。

0627 Diamond and Silk 吴征-美国公民身份的中共间谍;沈南鹏-美国公民身份的中共间谍;刘特佐-马来西亚公民身份的中共间谍。 Bruno Wu – The CCP spy with U.S. citizenship; Neil Shen – The CCP spy with U.S. citizenship; Jho Low – The CCP spy with Malaysian citizenship.

George Santos Introduces “GUO Act” to Fight Weaponization of America’s Justice System Against Anti-Chinese Communist Party Dissident

Call on the U.S. Congress to subpoena these #CCP money laundering agents: Neil Shen, Shan Weijian, Bruno Wu and Henry Zhao, so that they can tell Congress who they have bought in the U.S. 呼吁美国国会传唤这些#CCP洗钱代理人:沈南鹏、单伟建、吴征和Henry Zhao,以便他们告诉国会他们在美国收买了谁

It turns out that the New Federal State of China led by Miles Guo has always been correct about the intelligence of the Covid virus. They should take Mr. Guo from prison to the Capitol to testify. FBI Director Wray tried so hard to silence Miles Guo, which made me feel more like Miles Guo had something important to say… 事实证明,郭文贵领导的新中国联邦对于新冠病毒的情报一直都是正确的,我认为他们应该把郭先生从监狱带到国会大厦作证,FBI局长雷努力地让郭文贵闭嘴,这更加让我觉得郭文贵有重要的事情要说…

Mr. Miles Guo is the key to everything.Why did FBI Director Christopher Wray detain his old client Miles Guo without bail? Shouldn’t someone in that Congress ask why? 郭文贵先生是一切事情的关键!FBI局长克里斯托弗·雷为什么把他的老客户郭文贵羁押起来不允许保释?难道国会不应该有人问问为什么吗?

Full video: https://www.youtub…

The DOJ is Helping the CCP Persecute Their Opposition: Falun Gong, Guo Wengui, Others


06/22/2023 Nicole on Stinchfield podcast: If the US government uses Miles Guo as a bargaining chip to trade with the CCP and sends him back to Communist China, the whole world will know that the United States is morally bankrupt. Selling out Miles Guo would be a complete betrayal of the United States of America as one nation under God. 06/22/2023 妮可做客Stinchfield广播节目:如果美国政府把郭文贵作为与中共交易的筹码,将其遣返中共国,那么全世界都将知道美国已经道义沦丧。出卖郭文贵将是对上帝庇佑之下的美国的完全背叛。

6/22/2023 【Nicole on Steve Gruber Show】Nicole: To free America from the control of the CCP, we must expose the “Trojan horses” planted by the CCP inside the US government agencies. Without the help of those sellouts, it would be impossible for the CCP to infiltrate the U.S., let alone launch attacks. 6/22/2023 【妮可参加史蒂夫·格鲁伯节目】 妮可:我们摆脱中共的控制,就要曝光在美国政府机构里为中共服务的卖美贼。因为没有这些人从内部帮助中共,中共不可能渗透美国,更不用说攻击美国。

Guo Wengui/Miles Guo Must Be Granted Bail After Court Shows Undeniable Bias #FreeMilesGuo

0617 Murderous Cyberattack brought by the CCP Kleptocracy (EP1): In early June, Blinken again announced plans to visit China. Janet Yellen started talking and communicating with CEOs worldwide, asking them to cooperate with China. Meanwhile, the Second Circuit Court in New York denied Guo Wengui’s appeal for bail. 6月初, 布林肯再次宣布计划访问中国。珍妮特-耶伦开始与世界上的首席执行官们交谈和沟通,要求他们与中国合作。同时纽约的第二巡回法院,拒绝了郭文贵的要求保释上诉。

0617 Murderous Cyberattack brought by the CCP Kleptocracy (EP1): The persecution of Guo Wengui is a purely political issue, and they have used the weaponized Department of Justice, the FBI, and U.S. agencies to persecute Guo Wengui, who poses the greatest threat to the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party. 郭文贵的被迫害纯粹是一个政治问题,他们利用了武器化的司法部,联邦调查局和美国的机构来迫害对中共这个地球上的极权主义政权有最大威胁的郭文贵。

0617 Murderous Cyberattack brought by the CCP Kleptocracy (EP1): The persecution of Guo Wengui is a purely political issue, and they have used the weaponized Department of Justice, the FBI, and U.S. agencies to persecute Guo Wengui, who poses the greatest threat to the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party. 郭文贵的被迫害纯粹是一个政治问题,他们利用了武器化的司法部,联邦调查局和美国的机构来迫害对中共这个地球上的极权主义政权有最大威胁的郭文贵。

FBI Exposed: How the Bureau is helping the CCP by Persecuting Guo Wengui (Miles Guo)

Congressman George Santos @Santos4Congress made a speech at House floor, calling out #CCP’s threat, evil and danger to the U.S.A .

桑托斯议员在国会介绍十项灭共法案 (中英文字幕) Congressman George Santos speech on House floor In order to counter #CCP aggression, Congressman Santos introduced 10 bills (House Resolutions)

06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: We have many great friends in the congress who have recognized that NFSC is America’s biggest ally and the most important asset to take down the CCP. However, there are also many American sellouts and the CCP’s proxies. They hold important positions in the White House, in the justice system and in Wall Street. These people are harming both the American people and the Chinese people. So your fight is our fight, and we are all in this together. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:我们在国会拥有很多非常棒的朋友。他们都认为新中国联邦是美国灭共最大的盟友和最重要的资产。然而,还有很多卖美贼和中共代理人。他们在白宫、司法系统以及华尔街担任担任重要职位。这些人在同时伤害美国人民和中国人民。因此,你们的战斗就是我们的战斗。我们一起同处在这场战斗中。

06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: I’m constantly worried not only about my personal safety, but I worried about Miles Guo and Yvette Wang’s safety. And we fear that we will be ended in the hands of the American sellout before we can take down the CCP. So every day, we’re risking our life to be here to tell the American people the truth that this country has been sold out by the sellouts. And that’s why we have to speak up. We have to fight like it was in 1776. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:我一直担心的不仅是我个人的安危,还有郭文贵先生和王雁平女士的安危。我们担心在我们推翻中共之前,我们会被终结在卖美贼手中。因此,每天,我们都在冒着生命危险告诉美国人民真相,即这个国家已经被卖美贼出卖了。这就是为什么我们需要发声,需要像在1776年一样战斗。

06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: Before we start worrying about the CCP spy operation outside the US continent, let’s worry about the CCP‘s weaponizations of the US federal government agencies to persecute their political opponents on American soil. CCP’s No.1 enemy Miles Guo and the former President Donald Trump have become the victims of the CCP’s weaponizations of the U.S. government. We want America to decouple with the communist China, instead of continuing the engagement with the CCP. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:在我们担心中共在美国大陆之外的间谍操作之前,我们更应担心中共将美国联邦政府机构武器化在美国土地上迫害其政治对手的问题。中共头号敌人郭文贵和前总统川普都成为中共将美国政府武器化的受害者。我们期望美国与中共国脱钩,而不是继续与中共接触。

6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: Why don’t the DOJ and FBI take any measures to stop the infiltration of the CCP in the US? Why is Mr. Miles Guo falsely accused and unable to obtain bail after being arrested? Why are they treating Mr. Guo in such a manner? We are losing this country! 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:为什么美国司法部、联邦调查局不采取任何措施阻止中共在美国的渗透?为什么郭文贵先生被诬告并遭逮捕后无法得到保释?他们为何要如此对待郭文贵先生?我们正在失去美国这个国家!

6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: The CCP has been waging unrestricted warfare against the U.S. for ages without firing a single shot. If the U.S. stops funding the CCP, ends its economic engagement with the CCP, and ceases to buy products made in China, the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo have the confidence to take down the CCP from within in a short period of time. 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:长久以来,中共使用不用开一枪一炮的超限战来攻击美国。只要美国停止资助中共,停止对中共的经济合作,停止购买中共国制造的产品,由郭文贵先生发起的新中国联邦和爆料革命就有信心在短时间内从内部瓦解消灭中共。

6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: I applaud Congressman George Santos for introducing the “Guo Act of 2023”, which aims to stop the CCP from corrupting U.S. government officials. Mr. Bannon said that half of the officials in Washington are on Beijing’s payroll. The real threat to the U.S. is not from the South China Sea but inside federal government agencies. 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:我要为乔治∙桑托斯议员鼓掌,因为他提出了重要的《2023年郭法案》旨在停止中共腐化美国政府官员。像班农先生所说,华盛顿有一半官员都从北京拿薪水,美国真正的威胁不是来自南中国海,而是来自联邦政府机构内部。

6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: Taiwan has provided a great example for the Chinese people to successfully achieve democracy, which has instilled extreme fear in the CCP. So, the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan is a real and imminent threat! We hope that the U.S. takes a tough stance against the CCP. However, the question remains: can the U.S. resist the CCP’s infiltration and release Mr. Miles Guo, their number one enemy? 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:台湾为中国人提供了一个能成功实现民主的伟大榜样,这让中共恐惧至极!所以,中共打台湾是真正迫在眉睫的威胁!我们希望美国对中共强硬起来。但问题是,美国能抵御中共的渗透并释放中共的头号敌人郭文贵先生吗?

Catherine Salgado: ‘The Fight of Our Lives’: Rick Renzi, Trump, Miles Guo, and a Weaponized DOJ…

PALUMBO: Corrupt N.Y. Judge Has Financial Stake in Case Against Anti-CCP Dissident…

The Gateway Pundit: What’s the Greatest Threat to America? Just Ask Wengui Guo/Miles Guo


6/12/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】Nicole: The Guo Act of 2023, introduced by Congressman George Santos, will stop American politicians and professional career bureaucrats from acting on behalf of the CCP. It is these US officials compromised by the CCP that do not represent us, the people, but the CCP. 6/12/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀节目】妮可:桑托斯议员提出的《2023年郭法案》将阻止如乔治·黑根巴森之流的美国政客和联邦政府的专业官僚为中共利益行事。这些被中共拿下的美国官员并不代表我们人民,而代表的是中国共产党!

6/12/2023 Nicole on Stinchifield Tonight: Mr. Miles Guo exposed in advance that CCP used the Bahamas as a spy base to spy on the United States. Miles has accurately predicted the CCP’s 13579 plan, which is also known as a bioweapon against the US. He also warned the United States about the CCP’s three-F strategy to take down America, that is to foment weakness, foment chaos and foment destruction from within. The only way is for America to decouple from China. 6/12/2023 妮可参加 Stinchifield Tonight 节目:郭先生提前曝光中共国在利用巴哈马作为间谍基地来监视美国。他准确地预测了中共的“13579计划”;该计划也被称为针对美国的生物武器计划。他还警告了中共毁灭美国的3F战略,即从内部搞弱、搞乱、搞死美国。而美国唯一的办法就是和中共国脱钩。 

6/12/2023 Grant Stinchfield: Our friend and founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, warned us as early as last year that the Chinese Communist Party had long since deployed military forces in Cuba. And our State Department, Defense Department, and intelligence agencies are just beginning to figure this out. Or maybe they’re all lying. 6/12/2023 格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德:我们的朋友、新中国联邦创始人郭先生早在去年就曾警告我们,中共早已在古巴部署了军事力量;而美国国务院、国防部、情报机构才刚刚开始弄清楚这个问题,或许他们都在撒谎。 #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

Gatewaypundit: Guo Wengui’s Persecution by DOJ Inspires the GUO Act of 2023Gatewaypundit:


6.10.2023 Nicole on OAN: New York Congressman George Santos unveiled the Guo Act of 2023, after Miles Guo, one of the most vocal opponents of the genocidal CCP, was arrested on federal false charges of fraud and denied bail. This Bill was long overdue as the CCP has been infiltrating the US federal government agencies for ages, which is a great threat to American national security. #FreeMilesGuo 6.10.2023 妮可接受OAN采访:文贵先生是对中共种族灭绝暴行最直言不讳的反对者之一;纽约国会议员乔治·桑托斯在郭文贵被以构陷的欺诈罪被捕并被拒绝保释后,提出了《2023郭法案》;中共渗透美国联邦政府机构几十年,对美国国家安全构成了巨大威胁,这项法案早该出台了。

6.10.2023 Nicole on OAN: It’s not surprising that the CCP is going to build a spy station in Cuba, as Miles Guo, the #1 enemy of the CCP, has warned the American federal government agencies and the entire world years ago. So nowadays, people have to rely on the Wikipedia leak and the Pentagon paper and the whistleblowers to learn about the truth, because certainly the American government, the press secretary and the White House are certainly not telling American people the facts. #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6.10.2023 妮可接受OAN采访:几年前,中共头号敌人郭先生已警告过美国联邦政府机构及全世界,中共将在古巴建立中共间谍站。现在事实发生了,这并不意外。显然,美国政府、新闻发言人和白宫都没有告诉美国人民事实真相,人们现在必须依靠维基解密、五角大楼文件和爆料人才能了解真相。 #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon (GETTR: @stevebannon): Miles Guo told me that the CCP has forcibly aborted 500 million fetuses, with 80% of them being female, leading to a significant population problem in mainland China! Yet, for those who claim to advocate for women’s rights, I don’t hear you when it comes to the CCP’s massacre of billions of Chinese baby girls. Where are you? 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:文贵告诉了我,中共国有5亿胎儿被中共强制流产,其中80%是中国女婴,这是导致中国大陆出现巨大人口问题的原因!而那些所谓主张妇女权益的人士,当谈到中共屠杀数了以亿计的中国女婴时,我听不到你们的声音,你们在哪呢?

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon (GETTR: @stevebannon): The Cultural Revolution was humanity’s greatest catastrophe of the 20th century, second only to the Holocaust! In the 20th century, 250 million people were massacred due to the CCP, Nazism, and fascism, making it the bloodiest century in human history. During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP weaponized Chinese children and students to undermine the foundations of Chinese society—the love for family and parents, as well as traditions. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:文革是20世纪仅次于纳粹大屠杀的人类大劫难!20世纪有2亿五千万人因中共、纳粹、法西斯主义而被屠戮,这是人类最血腥的世纪。中共在文革中武器化了中国孩子和学生去瓦解中国社会的基石 – 对家庭和父母的爱以及传统。

6.8.2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Tonight: The CCP has planted their Trojan horses inside America. A lot of the figures at the highest levels of the US government have ties with the CCP. That’s why I applaud Congressman George Santos for introducing the Guo Act of 2023, as it will stop the CCP’s infiltration in the US federal government agencies by coming up with more stringent compliance standards on people holding important positions inside the DOJ and the FBI. #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6.8.2023 妮可做客 Grant Stinchfield Tonight 节目:中共已经在美国国内植入了木马病毒,大量美国最高层官员都与中共有关联。这是我赞扬乔治·桑托斯提出的《2023郭法案》的原因。这项法案将阻止中共渗透美国联邦政府机构,加强在司法部和联邦调查局担任重要职位的合规标准。#释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

According to reports, the CCP plans to establish a spy base in Cuba, 100 miles off Florida. But this is nothing surprising. In fact, the CCP has already infiltrated the United States. The CCP uses overseas secret police to monitor us, and the CCP has also infiltrated the U.S. Department of Justice. One example is that the FBI used false charges to help the CCP arrest Miles Guo, a CCP dissident who had been against the CCP and had been warning the United States of the threat of the CCP. 报道称,中共要在距佛罗里达百英里之外的古巴建立一个间谍基地。但这没什么可惊讶的,实际上,中共早已渗透到美国内部。中共利用海外秘密警察局监控我们,中共还渗透到了美国司法部,其中一个例子是FBI用虚假的指控帮助中共逮捕了一直反共,并一直在提前给美国预警中共威胁的中共异见人士郭文贵!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】 John Fredericks, Host of The John Fredericks Radio (GETTR: @jfradioshow): If Americans do not do something and understand what the Chinese people have been up against, we, the Americans, will have no freedom with 100% surveillance. Now, America is financially compromised by the CCP. It’s absolutely frightening! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】The John Fredericks Radio电台节目主持人,约翰·弗雷德里克:如果美国人无动于衷且不去了解中国人民所面临的情况,十年后,我们美国人将和中国人一样失去自由并被全方位监控。当下美国被中共用金钱渗透腐蚀,其程度绝对是令人胆战心惊!

Can This Man Save America? Miles Guo is a friend of freedom who the Chinese Communist Party wants locked away forever, if not outright killed. From secret CCP-funded meetings within the White House and China, to involvement by Leonardo DiCaprio and Pras Michelle, this story reads like a spy novel! But his story isn’t really about him, or about China, it is at the heart of America’s struggle to maintain our freedom. Does Miles Guo (aka Guo Wengui) have information against the DOJ and FBI we need to SAVE AMERICA?

Santos Introduces GUO Act to Fight CCP Infiltration of U.S. Government…

FBI Exposed: How the Bureau is helping the CCP by Persecuting Guo Wengui (Miles Guo)


6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Monica Luisi (Host of OAN): It is more important than ever that we get involved and speak out to safeguard our First Amendment rights; Nicole: the only reason why Mr. Miles Guo got locked up in federal prison is because he is taking down the CCP, and we have to continue to speak out against such injustice 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】 “同一个美国”新闻网(OAN)主持人莫妮卡·佩奇·路易斯说:现在比以往任何时候都需要我们去参与、大声疾呼来捍卫美国第一修正案赋予我们的权利;郭文贵先生被关进监狱就是因为他要灭共,我们必须对这样的不公正继续发声、抗争

Rep. Santos introduces the GUO Act of 2023: “Had our compliancy standards been more stringent and had federal oversight demanded more frequent financial disclosures from the people we trust to run our justice system, shady and un-American dealings like this could be prevented.”

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Conservative Daily host and former prosecutor David Clements (GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord): Mr. Miles Guo remains in custody because of corruption and because people lack the courage to give up everything and not enough people are willing to count the cost together. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】《保守派每日播客》主持人、前检察官大卫·克莱门茨(GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord) :郭文贵先生仍然被关押一是因为腐败,二是因为人们缺乏破釜沉舟的勇气,没有足够多的人愿意与我们共同承担代价。

6/5/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】Mr. Miles Guo, who is fighting for ordinary people in both China and America, is a giant of our time and a hero to the American people! Unlike many American billionaires, he has given up a luxurious life to fight for individuals like us who can’t make their voices heard and lack a platform to speak. That is also why, yesterday, three current U.S. Congress members attended the third anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China. The NFSC is America’s best asset and ally! 6/5/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】妮可:为中美两国老百姓而战的郭文贵先生是我们这个时代的巨人,也是美国人的英雄!跟很多美国亿万富翁不一样,郭先生放弃了豪华的生活,为我们的没有发声渠道和平台的小人物抗争。这也是为什么昨天有三位现任美国众议员来参加新中国联邦三周年庆典。美国最好的资产、最强大的盟友就是新中国联邦!

6/5/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】Nicole: Attorney General Merrick Garland was invited by the CCP’s top leadership to give a speech at the Law School of Peking University back in 2017. Communist China is a lawless regime, so what’s the real purpose of Merrick Garland’s trip to Communist China? 6/5/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】妮可:早在2017年,现任司法部长梅里克•加兰受中共高层邀请在北京大学法学院做演讲。既然中共政权毫无法治,那梅里克•加兰去中共国访问的真正目的是什么?

6/5/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】The CCP’s Plan for Eliminating White People, exposed by Mr. Miles Guo, is confirmed by the EDNY legal documents regarding the 912 Project. According to the documents, the CCP’s “912 Special Project Working Group” posted hateful comments against white people and meddled with US politics through fake social media accounts. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has not reported on it until today! 6/5/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】文贵先生曝光的中共灭白计划在纽约东区有关912项目的法律文件中得到了验证。法律文件指出,中共的912项目特别工作组通过伪造的社交媒体账号发布针对白人的仇恨性评论并干涉美国内政,可时至今日主流媒体对此并没有进行报道!

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Natalie Winters (GETTR:@nataliegwinters), co-host & executive editor of Bannon’s War Room: The enemies of the New Federal State of China show how good a job they are doing. The work of the NFSC is so important because they really help expose how deeply the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the United States. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】《战斗室》联合主持人、执行编辑娜塔莉·温特斯(GETTR:@nataliegwinters) :从新中国联邦的敌人可以看出他们的工作有多么出色。新中国联邦的工作非常重要,因为他们真正帮助揭示了中共对这个国家的渗透有多深。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Natalie Winters (GETTR:@nataliegwinters), co-host & executive editor of Bannon’s War Room: The elites have been doing the old Alinsky-style playbook to accuse their enemies of what they’re guilty of. They created a whole collusion-conspiracy fantasy, trying to smear American patriots and the New Federal State of China, but that’s exactly what they’re doing with the Chinese Communist Party. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】《战斗室》联合主持人、执行编辑娜塔莉·温特斯(GETTR:@nataliegwinters) : 美国精英阶层通过编造所谓串通、阴谋的谎言,指鹿为马、贼喊捉贼,试图诬蔑美国爱国者和新中国联邦,而恰恰是他们在与中共做这些勾当。

Catherine Salgado: The CCP Is Already ‘Waging War on America’…

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Cara Castronuova (GETTR:@CARACASTRONUOVA), Newsmax host, said Miles Guo is politically persecuted in America. John Tabacco (GETTR:@johntabacco), Newsmax host, said there are many parallels in China to what the U.S. government did during the lockdowns and we need to protect the country from being like that anymore. Kevin Alan said the CCP and the DOJ think if they can destroy Mr. Guo, they will destroy all the dissidents, so we have to fight for him. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】 大全新闻台主持人卡拉·卡斯特罗诺娃说,郭文贵先生在美国受到政治迫害。大全新闻台主持人约翰·塔巴科表示,美国政府在疫情封控期间的作为与中共的作为多有相似之处,我们需要保护美国,使其不再陷入如此境地。凯文·艾伦说,中共和美国司法部认为,如果他们能毁掉郭先生,他们就能毁掉所有异见人士,因此我们必须为他抗争。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Jeremy Herrell(GETTR:@jeremyherrell), CEO of LFA TV: The best way to get support from Americans who are unaware of the CCP’s evil deeds and what happened to Mr. Miles Guo is to tie the CCP’s atrocities to it and show it to Americans in a video form, using the truth to wake them up. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】LFA TV首席执行官Jeremy Herrell(GETTR:@jeremyherrell):对于那些对中共恶行以及郭文贵先生遭遇完全不知情的美国人,唤醒他们最好的方式是将中共的暴行与之联系起来,通过视频的形式展示给美国人,用真相来“操控”他们。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon: The mission, task, and purpose of the NFSC members are to put in front of the world what has happened to Miles Guo to make sure people can’t turn away from the CCP’s atrocities. Because not turning away begins the next step to our victory! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:新中国联邦人的使命、任务和目的就是把发生在文贵先生身上的这一切这些放在世人面前,以确保世界不再对中共的倒行逆施视而不见。因为如果世界敢于直视,这就开启了我们走向胜利的下一步!

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Connie Morgan sends greetings to NFSC for their third anniversary. She says Jun 4,2023 is a special day for both the NFSC and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On Jun 4,1989, a lot of Chinese young people were fighting for democracy. She feels sorry and sad to know Miles Guo and Yvette Wang are not here today, but she is optimistic that once they finished their trial, they both will be vindicated. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】康妮·摩根为新中国联邦三周年纪念日送上祝福。她说2023年6月4日对于新中国联邦来说是一个特殊的日子,同时也是天安门大屠杀的纪念日。在1989年6月4日,很多中国年轻人曾为中国的民主而斗争。她感到很遗憾和伤心郭文贵先生和王雁平女士没能参加今年的纪念日。但是她非常乐观,一旦审判结束,他们两个都会被证明是清白无辜的。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon: NFSC members such as Nicole, Prince, and David have won Americans’ support through their earnestness, message, diligence, dignity, and discernment. Now the world is divided into two sets of people: those who support Chinese Lao Baixing fighting for their freedom against the CCP, and those who are leading a better life through the sweat of the brow and the blood of Lao Baixing. Miles Guo has been exposing the latter, and that’s why he’s put into federal prison. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:妮可、小王子、长岛等新中国联邦人用诚挚、真相、勤奋、尊严和洞察力赢得了美国人的支持;现在世界分出了两伙人:要么支持中国老百姓争取自由反抗中共,要么靠剥削老百姓的血汗而过着奢侈的生活,文贵先生一直在揭露后者,这就是为什么他被关进了联邦监狱!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Congressman George Santos: Miles Guo is a prisoner of the CCP in the United States! Free Miles Guo Now! I will have a massive, amazing announcement this week! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】桑托斯众议员:郭文贵先生是中共关在美国的囚犯!立刻释放郭文贵先生!本周我将会有一个重量级的、惊人的事情要宣布!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve Bannon, cofounder of the NFSC: Take down the CCP! Free Miles Guo! What happened to Miles Guo today in the U.S. federal prison is no different from what Miles experienced in the CCP’s Tiananmen Square Massacre. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】新中国联邦共同创始人班农先生:消灭中共!释放郭文贵先生!今天郭文贵先生身陷美国联邦监狱和他在中共治下天安门事件中的经历没有区别。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Mr. Miles Guo’s letter to all the supporters and fellow fighters of the NFSC: “After the demise of the CCP, the new China under one person, one vote electoral system will undoubtedly become a Shangri-La on earth, and the Chinese people will have the power to decide their own fate! As dawn is approaching, the CCP members and officials should immediately renounce their wrongdoings and embrace goodness in order to receive a general amnesty! I miss you all!” 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】郭先生给新中国联邦支持者和战友的信:“没有了中共后,一人一票选举制度下的新中国一定是人间的香格里拉,中国人的命运将由中国人自己做主!天快亮了,中共党员和官员赶快弃暗投明争取大赦!七哥想大家了!”

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Kevin Alan (GETTR:@thekevinalanshow), host of The Kevin Alan Show, warned politicians to stop playing party politics and pay attention to what’s going on now. They should just take it from a perspective of human rights. Miles Guo is innocent, but is locked up in jail without bail. Anyone who serves in public office in the country should know Miles’s story. Otherwise, they’d better worry about what is going to happen to them. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Kevin Alan Show主持人凯文·艾伦(GETTR:@thekevinalanshow) 警告政客停止玩弄党派政治。他们只需要从人权的角度去看待这些问题。郭文贵先生是无辜的,但是却被关在监狱无法保释。任何一个在这个国家担任公职的人,都应该去了解郭文贵的故事。 否则,他们真的应该担心他们自己将会发生什么。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Rep. Andy Ogles(GETTR:@andyogles) : When power is consolidated with a few, people suffer. In America, hard work gives you the promise of success. But in China, if you work hard and dare speak out, it will land you in prison. Your families are targets because you will no longer stand for a regime that threatens and hurts its own people that in its quest for power, it will do anything and everything to prevail. So you are a beacon of hope, a light in a sea of darkness. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】众议员安迪·奥格斯(GETTR:@andyogles):当权力集中在少数人手中时,人民会遭受苦难。在美国,努力工作就能获得成功。但在中共国,努力工作的人敢发声,就会被关进监狱。你们不再容忍一个威胁并伤害自己人民、不惜一切手段争取权力的政权,而你们的家人被威胁。你们是希望的灯塔,黑暗海洋中的光芒。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Wise Guys hosts Cara Castronuova (@CARACASTRONUOVA) and John Tabacco(@johntabacco) encourage people to keep spreading the truth and fighting the fight. Cara says that the CCP wants the Chinese people to worship the government instead of worshiping God. But when you start worshiping God, freedom comes with it. John says we are in a war between good and evil. We need to spread truths to more people, because the voice of the people is louder than any mainstream media. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Wise Guys主持人卡拉·卡斯特诺娃(@CARACASTRONUOVA) 和约翰·特巴科(@johntabacco)鼓励大家继续传播真相,坚持战斗。卡拉说,中共国想让中国人信奉政府而不是信奉上帝。但是当你开始信奉上帝时,自由也随之而来。约翰说,我们正处于善与恶的斗争中。我们要向更多的人传播真相,因为人民的声音比任何主流媒体都要响亮。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Joe Oltmann (GETTR:@joeoltmann), host of Conservative Daily, talks about why he believes Miles Guo’s fight is actually his fight, is the fight of every one of us. Miles has selflessly made all the sacrifices for others, and is now still going through all the persecutions. Miles Guo is the spiritual animal for him. People need to stop and realize what they can do to Miles Guo, they can do to you, to me, and to every one of us. We need to fight together. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Conservative Daily主播乔·奥特曼 (GETTR:@joeoltmann)谈论为什么他认为郭文贵的战斗就是他的战斗,是我们每一个人的战斗。郭文贵已经无私地为他人做出了那些牺牲,并且现在仍然在经受所有这些迫害。郭文贵就是那个能引起他精神共鸣的人。人们需要停下来并意识到,那些人能对郭文贵做的事,也会对你、对我、对我们所有人做同样的事。我们需要一起战斗。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Congressional candidate Burt Thakur: When I get into Congress, the first piece of legislation I will attempt to put on the floor is to declare the CCP a terrorist organization! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】国会候选人伯尔特·塔库尔:一旦我选上国会议员,我将尽力推动国会通过的第一项立法就是就是宣布中共为恐怖组织!

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Host of Conservative Daily, former prosecutor David Clements(GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord): The truth has been on the side of Miles Guo for years. And he’s such a liability for a corrupt DOJ and corrupt FBI. It’s actually more dangerous if he were to flee home to China. So based on those two things, he should be out today. And more importantly you can see the disparate treatment between him and Sam Bankman-Fried with similar charging. He’s out. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】 《保守派日报》的主持人,前检察官大卫·克莱门茨(GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord):数年来真相一直站在郭文贵先生这边。对于腐败的司法部、腐败的联邦调查局,无论如何他都是个隐患。如果他逃回中共国,实际上更加危险。基于这两点,他今天应该被释放。更重要的是,郭文贵与受类似指控的山姆·班克曼-弗里德遭受着迥然不同的待遇,弗里德却是自由的。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Cara Castronuova (GETTR:@CARACASTRONUOVA), co-host of “Wiseguys” and champion boxer: When we say we are fighting China, we must make it a point to say that we are fighting the CCP and the Chinese government. We are fighting for the Chinese people by fighting against the CCP. The CCP is the problem, and we love the Chinese people. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】 “Wiseguys”联合主持人、冠军拳击手Cara Castronuova: 当我们说我们在与中国做斗争时,一定要明确地说,是与中共和中国政府做斗争。我们与中共斗争是为中国人民而战。中国共产党才是问题,我们爱中国人民。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Cara Castronuova (GETTR:@CARACASTRONUOVA), founder of Citizens Against Political Persecution and Newsmax host, said our enemy is the CCP’s propaganda and the media owned and run by the CCP, so the best way to fight the CCP and to get more people speaking out against it is to create media companies and different types of shows to talk about counter narratives to its propaganda. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】公民反对政治迫害组织的创始人兼大全新闻台主持人卡拉·卡斯特罗诺娃(GETTR:@CARACASTRONUOVA)表示,我们的敌人是中共的宣传以及由中共拥有和运营的媒体,因此对抗中共并让更多人公开反对中共的最佳方式就是创建媒体公司和不同类型的节目来谈论与其宣传相反的观点。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Rep. Paul Gosar (GETTR:@realpaulgosar) encourages more people to stand up against the CCP’s attack on the free world and all freedom loving people, and work collectively to destroy communist infiltration and corruption. With the help of the US policy, China grew at a record rate economically, but freedom and individual liberty remained unchanged. What good is money if you’re a slave to the state? 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】众议员保罗·戈萨尔(GETTR:@realpaulgosar)鼓励更多人站出来反抗中共对自由世界和所有热爱自由的人的攻击,共同努力摧毁共产主义的渗透和腐败。在美国对华政策的帮助下,中国的经济以惊人的速度增长,但自由状况却未改变。如果你成为国家的奴隶,金钱有什么用?

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Grant Stinchfield (GETTR: @stinchfield1776): I am grateful for Miles Guo’s defense of freedom. I have never seen a person so strong! Good things happen to good people and in the end, good always beats evil! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德:我由衷感谢郭文贵先生对自由的捍卫,我从来没有见过一个人如此强大!好人必有好报,最终善良一定战胜邪恶!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Col. John Mills (GETTR: @colonelretjohn), retired: Due to my work, I got to know that there are two Chinas: the CCP kleptocrats and the ordinary Chinese people. My two daughters adopted from China are also aware that the CCP has destroyed the country with its (abortion) war on baby girls. So we want to free Miles Guo and take down the CCP! #NFSC #takedowntheCCP #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】退役军人约翰·米尔斯上校:由于工作原因,我知道中国有两部分人:中共盗国贼和普通老百姓,我从中国领养的两个女儿也知道中共对女婴的扼杀已经完全毁掉了这个国家,所以我们要释放郭文贵、消灭中共!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Former congressional candidate Cait Corrigan: America is under attack by the CCP and we have been infiltrated in every sense of the word. The mission and work of the New Federal State of China resonated with me deeply and I look forward to continuing the work of promoting freedom for all people and supporting the mission of the NFSC. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】前国会议员候选人凯特·柯瑞根:美国正在受到中共的攻击、并已被它完全渗透。我对新中国联邦的使命与工作产生了深深的共鸣,我期待继续为所有人争取自由、支持新中国联邦的使命。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Former U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra: An organization like the New Federal State of China that helps the American people understand the threat of the CCP is absolutely essential! I hope the Chinese people know that when they are going through hardships and being oppressed by the CCP, the American people and allies of the US stand with the Chinese people! #NFSC #takedowntheCCP #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】前美国驻荷兰大使彼得·霍克斯特拉:像新中国联邦这样帮助美国人民了解中共威胁的组织绝对是必不可少的!希望中国人民知道在他们经历艰难,遭受中共压迫的时候,美国人民和美国的盟友们是和中国人民站在一起的!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Kelly Walker, a famous American writer: I’m a “trans Chinese,” and my heart is with Miles Guo right now in that jail! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】美国著名作家凯利·沃克:我认为自己也是中国人,我的心与此时在监狱中的郭文贵先生同在!

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Jayne Zirkle (GETTR: @jaynezirkle), reporter at War Room : Miles Guo gave up everything to fight the CCP! He’s fun, He’s kind, he’s caring, he’s compassionate, and all the media’s false coverage of him is noise. The CCP is a transnational criminal organization that must be taken down, because the Chinese people matter! #NFSC #takedowntheCCP #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农战斗室记者婕恩·泽克尔:郭文贵先生放弃了一切,与中共斗争!他有趣、善良、有爱心,有同情心,而所有媒体对他的不实报道都是噪音!中共是一个必须被消灭的跨国犯罪组织,因为中国人很重要!

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Rep. Paul Gosar (GETTR:@realpaulgosar): The CCP has made no secret of its goal to replace the United States as a world’s dominant power and to spread its authoritarian values across the globe. The CCP’s threat to American democracy and its infiltration of American government and civilian institutions pose a grave danger to the security and prosperity of the US. The US must take swift and decisive action to counter the CCP’s influence, and protect our democracy values and institutions. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】众议员保罗·戈萨尔(GETTR:@realpaulgosar):中共毫不掩饰其取代美国成为世界主导力量并在全球推广其独裁价值观的目标。中共对美国民主的威胁,对美国政府和民间机构的渗透,严重危害美国的国家安全和繁荣。美国必须迅速果断地采取行动对抗中共的影响,保护我们的民主价值观和制度。

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Kelly John Walker, the founder of FreedomTalk, writer, and entrepreneur, has also experienced persecution by the weaponized U.S. judicial system. His personal experiences motivated him to delve into and expose the truth of Mr. Miles Guo’s case. More conscientious Americans are siding with the NFSC and joining us in the #FreeMilesGuo campaign! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】美国FreedomTalk创始人、作家和企业家凯利·约翰·沃克也经历了被武器化的美国司法系统的迫害。他的亲身感受使得他愿意深入研究郭先生的案例,并将真相变成文字公布于世。越来越多有良知的美国人和新中国联邦站在了一起,投入到了 #释放郭文贵 的运动中!

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】John Tabacco (GETTR:@johntabacco), host of WiseGuys on Newsmax, stated that the Chinese people need to see through the CCP’s lies, and he will fight against the CCP alongside patriots such as Miles Guo, Steve Bannon, and the New Federal State of China. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】 大全新闻台主持人约翰·塔巴科(GETTR:@johntabacco)表示,中国人民需要看清中共的谎言,他会和郭文贵、班农和新中国联邦等爱国者一起对抗中共。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Kevin Alan (GETTR:@thekevinalanshow), host of The Kevin Alan Show, said that throughout his remaining career as a media professional, he will disseminate information about Miles Guo, making him widely known in the United States. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Kevin Alan Show主持人凯文·艾伦(GETTR:@thekevinalanshow)说,他会在他作为媒体从业者的剩余职业生涯中,都会去传播关于郭文贵的信息,让郭文贵在美国变得家喻户晓。

06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Ryan Matta(GETTR:@ryanmatta), host of Matta of Fact, says that Miles Guo is being persecuted for a crime he didn’t commit. There’s not a single person on this earth or in America that could help us take down the CCP more. And he can do more damage to the deep state and the CCP than anybody. He can save more lives, he could shut down the fentanyl trade. And we need to get this man free. So whatever we have to do to fight for it, it’s worth it. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Matta of Fact主持人瑞安·马塔(GETTR:@ryanmatta):郭文贵先生因莫须有的罪名受到迫害。在这个世界,在美国没有任何一个人可以比郭文贵能帮助我们更快推翻中共。他对深层政府和中共造成的伤害比任何人都大,他可以拯救更多人,他可以停止芬太尼交易。我们需要释放郭文贵,为此,做任何事都是值得的。

0601【Ava on Diamond and Silk Chit Chat Live】Mr. Miles Guo was arrested and imprisoned by the CCP police on May 26, 1989, for donating US$500 to June 4th student movement. After witnessing his younger brother being shot and left to bleed to dead by the CCP police and more than 60 prisoners of conscience being executed in front of him, he vowed that in order to change China, the Chinese Communist Party must be taken down. 郭文贵先生在1989年5月26日因为向8964学生运动捐款500美元被中共警察抓进监狱,在目睹了自己的弟弟被中共警察枪杀和60多名良心犯狱友被枪决后,郭文贵先生发誓要改变中国,就要消灭中国共产党。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Many events happened in 2017, and all are connected to the March 15th incident that happened this year. 2017年發生了很多事情,这些事情又都联系到了今年發生的315件事上。freemilesguo #freeyvettewang 释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】The total assets under management by the Assets Management Association of China members are US dollars,10.79 trillion in China at the end of 2021. Neither does that include the third-party assets management by insurance assets and pension funds. If you’re including all of those, we’re looking at a market size of 16 trillion US dollars. 中国资产管理协会的成员管理的美元总资产是在中国有10.79万亿到2021年末。这也不包括由第三方管理的资产,保险资产/养老基金等。如果你包括所有这些,这是一个16万亿美元的市场规模。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Richard Franco took a $20 million bribe from the FBI. He took the money from Jack Ma and Wu Zheng. Richard Franco拿了2000万贿赂的联邦调查局的人。他从马云和吴征那里拿的钱。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Miles Guo talked about “Why Thomas Lee committed suicide.” According to Miles Guo, he really had just two choices. One is facing the trial and the angry investors, many of whom are pension plans. New York State pensions are one of the biggest fund investors in Thomas Lee’s portfolio. The money all went to the CCP kleptocrats’ personal pockets. 郭文贵先生曾经讲过“Thomas Lee为什么自杀 ”。 根据郭先生,他真的只有两个选择。一个是面对审判,面对愤怒的投资者,其中有很多是养老金计划。纽约的养老金是Thomas Lee的投资组合中最大的基金之一。这些钱都进入了中共卖国贼的个人腰包。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Bruno Wu is a registered spy for CCP, and he gives a death threat to Miles on behalf of the CCP kleptocrats. Wu said if you do not cancel the VOA interview, I will make sure you die and without a burial place. He also warned Miles Guo that he will come after his son as well. 吴征实际上是CCP的注册间谍。而且他居然对郭先生发出了死亡威胁。如果你不取消VOA-美国之音的采访,那么我将确保你死而无葬身之地。他还警告了郭先生,他也不会放过他的儿子。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Ava said that Wang Qishan’s HNA Group, Pacific Alliance (PAG), and Blackstone’s transactions in the past decade show their relationship. Shan Weijian is Wang Qishan’s protégé. Judge Barry Ostrager of the New York Supreme Court once ruled that Miles Guo breached the contract with PAG. It is understood that the contract was a forged contract, but Judge Barry Ostrager banned Miles Guo from challenging the authenticity of the contract in court. Ava讲到 王岐山的海航集团,和太平联盟,和黑石集团在过去十几年的所有交易说明了他们的关系,单伟建是王岐山的门徒。纽约最高法院的Barry Ostrager法官曾判决郭文贵先生与太平联盟的合同违约,据了解,该合同是一份伪造合同,Barry Ostrager法官却在法庭上禁止郭文贵先生质疑该合同的真实性。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】The CCP proxies-Shan Weijian is a registered CCP spy. He brought a lawsuit against Miles Guo in New York on April 18th, 2017. And there are so many absurdities and irregularities that occurred in these five years of legal cases. 中国共产党的代理人-单伟建,他是一名注册的中共间谍。他于2017年4月18在纽约对郭先生提起诉讼。在这5年的法律案件中,发生了太多的荒谬和违规行为。

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0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】The New Federal State of China wanted to fight with you. Because if the United States falls, we have nowhere to turn because that’s the best system you have so far on planet Earth. Let’s keep fighting. Let’s don’t give up. Let’s don’t take anything for granted. 新中国联邦想和你并肩作战。因为如果美国倒下了,我们就无处可去了。因为这是在地球上迄今为止最好的系统,让我们继续战斗,让我们不要放弃,让我们不要把任何事情视为理所当然。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Merrick Garland was a target. How much dirt the Chinese Communist Party was able to collect on him, even a person who is a legal advisor to the US Department of Justice and accompanied Garland on that trip to China. This is why we need your congressional leaders to look into Miles Guo‘s case. Garland成为了目标。中国共产党能够搜集到多少关于他的黑材料。甚至有一位美国司法部的法律顾问,伴随Garland一起进行这次访问。这就是为什么我们需要你们的国会领导人调查郭先生的案件。

0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】They’re going to do whatever to keep Miles Guo in jail. This is not just the Miles Guo’s freedom. This is your freedom as well. 他们要不惜一切代价把郭先生关进监狱。这不仅仅是郭文贵先生的自由,这也是你的自由。#freemilesguo #freeyvettewang #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

0527_WHISTLE_BLOWERS_Corruption_Collusion All of these happened during 2017: Christopher Wray quit representing Miles Guo, who later revealed the 13579 plan, and started representing the Chinese kleptocrats-owned entity called HNA which HNA sued against Miles Guo in the same year and later became the director of the FBI. 所有這些都發生在 2017 年:克里斯托弗·雷 (Christopher Wray) 不再代表稍後來揭露 13579 計劃的郭文貴,開始代表中國盜賊擁有的名為海航的實體,海航在同年起訴郭文貴,後來成為聯邦調查局局長。

0527 WHISTLE BLOWERS – Corruption & Collusion: Ava Chen mentioned that when Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland took the oath of nomination six years ago and two years ago respectively, they swore that they would work to defend the interests of the American people and justice. But the reality is what everyone sees, the real criminals are free on the street, and the innocent are behind bars. Ava Chen 提到分别在六年前和两年前的克里斯雷和梅里克加兰在提名宣誓时都发誓自己会为了捍卫美国人民的利益而工作,保持正义公正。但是现实是大家所看到的一切,真正的罪犯逍遥法外,无辜的人却被关在监狱。

Nicole from NFSC clarified again on the America First News: When sanctioning and punishing the CCP, please remember that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people. 新中国联邦的妮可在《美国第一新闻》节目中再次澄清: 在制裁和惩罚中共时, 请记住中共不代表中国人。

0527【WHISTLE BLOWERS – Corruption & Collusion】Connection of Miles Guo with Christopher Wray, HNA Group, and Wang QiShan. 郭文貴、克里斯托弗·雷、海航集團和王岐山之間的前後關系。#FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平

5/27/2023 【Miles Insight】Everything that happened since Mr. Miles Guo’s wrongful detainment on March 15 has proved that the information he exposed in the past is true, and he is capable of taking down the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo is being detained simply because he is the CCP’s enemy number one ! 5/27/2023 【Nicole看七哥】315过后所有发生的一切都证实郭先生过去的爆料是真实的,郭先生有能力灭共,郭先生之所以被羁押就是因为他是中共的头号敌人!

5/27/2023 【Miles Insight】From 1989, when Mr. Miles Guo was locked up in Qingfeng Detention Center by the CCP, to 2023, when he was put into the Metropolitan Detention Center by the CCP’s American colluders, it has been exactly 34 years! The future will prove that Mr. Miles Guo’s role in history far exceeds that of other reputable figures who have positively impacted the course of human civilization! #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 5/27/2023 【Nicole看七哥】从1989年郭先生被中共抓进清丰看守所到2023年被中共渗透的卖美贼们羁押在大都会拘留中心刚好是34年!历史对郭文贵先生的评价会远远超过我们耳熟能详的那些推动人类发展的伟大人物!

0527_WHISTLE_BLOWERS_Corruption_Collusion: All of these happened during 2017: Christopher Wray quit representing Miles Guo, who later revealed the 13579 plan, and started representing the Chinese kleptocrats-owned entity called HNA which HNA sued against Miles Guo in the same year and later became the director of the FBI. 所有这些都发生在 2017 年:克里斯托弗·雷 (Christopher Wray) 不再代表稍后来揭露 13579 计划的郭文贵,开始代表中国盗贼拥有的名为海航的实体,海航在同年起诉郭文贵,后来成为联邦调查局局长。

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0525_Ava_on_Matta_of_Fact What Christopher Wray has been doing prior to joining the FBI? Do you know Christopher Wray has been an attorney since 2000, prior to the FBI? Do you know Christopher Wray is a partner of King & Spalding law firm? Do you know Christopher Wray made $14 million in 2016 prior to becoming the director of the FBI? 克里斯托弗•雷在加入 FBI 之前一直在做什麼? 你知道雷(Wray)在加入聯邦調查局之前, 從 2000 年開始是一名律師嗎? 你知道雷(Wray)是金恩与斯伯丁律師事務所的合夥人嗎? 你知道雷(Wray)在成為聯邦調查局局長之前在 2016 年賺了 1400 萬美元嗎?

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NEWSMAX: FBI Director’s CCP Links Exposed After FBI Arrest Leading Anti-CCP Dissident Miles Guo…

0525 Ava on Matta of Fact : We know the leadership team at the DOJ is also compromised, but we just don’t know the connection yet. In terms of how they move the money and how they benefit those leaders. We don’t know that yet, but we will see. 我们知道司法部的领导团队也被渗透了,但我们只是还不知道其中的联系。就他们如何转移资金而言,他们是如何使这些领导人受益的。我们还不知道,但我们拭目以待。

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0525 Ava on Matta of Fact: Christopher Ray was actually a lawyer working for Miles Guo. He was representing Miles Guo up to 2017. In July 2017, Christopher Ray became the head of the FBI. Christopher Ray是为郭文贵先生工作的律师。2017年7月,Christopher Ray成为联邦调查局的负责人。

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0525 Ava on Matta of Fact : Guo Wengui revealed that HNA is a private company controlled by CCP’s kleptocrats, that HNA has over 2,000 branches in the U.S., and that Christopher Wray works for HNA’s deals worldwide. 郭文贵爆料海航实际是盗国贼控制的企业,海航在美国有超过2000个分支机构,克里斯托弗-雷为海航在世界各地的交易而工作

05/24/2023 Nicole on One America News: Having felt the pain of the Chinese people enslaved by the CCP, Mr. Miles Guo came to the U.S. and started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose the dirty secrets between the CCP and the American elites, which made him the enemy of the unity party and landed him behind bars, but his whistleblowing on the CCP has inspired his followers to speak out against the injustice done to him and the CCP infiltration in the U.S. 05/24/2023 妮可接受同一个美国新闻网采访:由于对中共国人民被中共奴役的的痛苦感同身受,郭文贵先生2017年来到美国,发起爆料革命,揭露中共与美国精英之间的肮脏勾当,这使他成为了中共利益共同体的敌人,最终身陷囹圄,但他对中共罪恶的揭露激励了他的追随者为反对他所受到的冤屈和中共对美国的渗透而奋力发声。

05/24/2023 Nicole on One America News: Having felt the pain of the Chinese people enslaved by the CCP, Mr. Miles Guo came to the U.S. and started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose the dirty secrets between the CCP and the American elites, which made him the enemy of the unity party and landed him behind bars, but his whistleblowing on the CCP has inspired his followers to speak out against the injustice done to him and the CCP infiltration in the U.S. 05/24/2023 妮可接受同一个美国新闻网采访:由于对中共国人民被中共奴役的的痛苦感同身受,郭文贵先生2017年来到美国,发起爆料革命,揭露中共与美国精英之间的肮脏勾当,这使他成为了中共利益共同体的敌人,最终身陷囹圄,但他对中共罪恶的揭露激励了他的追随者为反对他所受到的冤屈和中共对美国的渗透而奋力发声。

0525 Ava on Matta of Fact: Ava showed a character structure chart showing the legality appearance are illegality of the FBI, Department of Justice, the court system, and big law firms in the United States. Many of them have now been corrupted by the CCP and manipulated remotely. Used to crack down on CCP dissidents. Ava展示了一张人物结构图表,显示了美国的FBI,司法部,法院系统,大律师事务所的外表的合法性和与之相反的非法性,他们现在很多已经被中共腐败,并进行远程操纵用来打击中共异见人士。

0525【Ava on Matta of Fact】Luc Despins of Paul Hastings, acting as bankruptcy trustee for Miles Guo, threatened Miles to pay him $250 million. Otherwise, his friends in the IRS, SEC, federal court, and FBI would come after him. These lawyers are all related to Shan Weijian of Pacific Alliance Group ( PAG); many American pension funds have invested in Shan Weijian’s PAG and TAG. These companies are all shams which is very worrying! 普衡律师事务所的Luc Despins 作为郭文贵先生的破产案受托人,威胁郭文贵付他2.5亿美元,否则,他在税务局,证劵交易所,联邦法院和联邦调查局的朋友们就回来找他.这些律师都跟太平联盟的單伟建有关系,很多美国人的养老金都投资在单伟建的太平联盟集团和徳州联盟集团,这些公司都是假的,这很让人担心!

05/24/2023 Nicole Tsai on OAN: The CCP has a very clear goal, that is, to dominate and enslave the entire world by replacing America as the leader of the free world. They have been boasting about their political ideology and infiltration worldwide. If America does not stop the CCP, no one will. America needs to be strong and bold and work with the NFSC to take down the CCP. 05/24/2023 妮可接受同一个美国新闻网采访:中共有一个非常明确的目标,就是要通过取代美国成为自由世界的领导者而主宰和奴役全世界。他们一直在吹嘘其政治思想和全球渗透。如果美国不制止中共,没有人会制止中共。美国要保持强大、勇敢,要和新中国联邦一起推翻中共。

5/23/2023 【Hearing of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence】Witness Ms. Jill Murphy says the CCP goes to great lengths to control the narrative about the negative aspects of Communist China! The secret police stations act as if they are the arm of the CCP government here in the U.S., using harassment, threats to relatives of victims, and other tactics to intimidate and threaten dissidents and citizens in the U.S. 5/23/2023 【美国众议院反恐、执法和情报小组听证会】证人吉尔·墨菲女士说中共国不遗余力地控制关于对中共国负面的说法!秘密警察站表现得如同中共政府部门把手伸到美国来一样,使用骚扰、威胁受害人的亲属等手段对持不同政见者和在美公民进行恐吓和威胁!

5/23/2023 【Hearing of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence】Witness Mr. Tyrone Durham: The CCP’s threat to the US is complicated! They not only deploy intelligence and cyber espionage techniques to illegally obtain access to US essential infrastructure but also coerce some foreign students, academics, and researchers to collect sensitive information and research. The CCP’s national security laws allow its threat against the US to be expanded beyond the entire CCP government to society as a whole. 5/23/2023 【美国众议院反恐、执法和情报小组听证会】证人泰伦·达勒姆先生:中共对美国的威胁错综复杂!他们不仅使用情报技术、网络间谍非法进入美国的关键基础设施,还强迫一些外国学生、学者和研究人员收集敏感信息和研究。更有甚者,国安法使得针对美国威胁的力量从整个中共国政府扩大到整个社会。

5/23/2023 【Hearing of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence】The “China Initiative”, which was launched in 2018 but ended by Matthew G. Olsen in 2022, should be put back in place, because the goal of this initiative has always been fighting against the CCP rather than targeting the Chinese people #FreeMilesGuo 5/23/2023 【美国众议院反恐、执法和情报小组听证会】2018年的“中共行动计划”在2022年被副检察长马修·奥尔森解散了,这个行动计划应该恢复,而且其目的是抗击中共,而非任何形式的反华排华

Miles Guo was the first man who told the world that Xi Jinping aimed to destroy the European economy if they continued to ally with the US or attempted to go against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, this man who spoke the truth is now silenced by DOJ. Why is that? #FreeMilesGuo

0525 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast: It is important to know how the CCP, a foreign enemy, has hijacked this country’s justice system. The New Federal State of China will not stop working and will keep pounding on the issue until we get an answer. 重要的是要知道中共這個外敵是如何劫持這個國家的司法系統的。 新中國聯邦不會停止工作,將繼續在這個問題上不斷努力,直到得到答案。

0525 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast: Nicole said that the CCP’s infiltration of the United States is not only the Democratic Party but also the Republican Party, so this is not a bipartisan issue but a global issue. The New Federal State of China will never participate in the two-party politics of the United States, and its goal is to take down the Chinese Communist Party. Nicole说中共对美国的渗透不仅是民主党也有共和党,所以这不是一个两党问题,是一个全球问题。新中国联邦永远不会参与美国两党政治,我们的目标是消灭中国共产党。

5/24/2023 Nicole on One America News: The mainstream media has been bought out by the CCP, and the freedom of the press has been weaponized by the special interest group. The media is no longer a watchdog of the government and no longer tells the people the truth. And that is why so many Americans are blind to what’s happening. The false narrative pushed to the American people by the mainstream media is in the same line with the CCP state-run propaganda. 5/24/2023 妮可接受One America News采访:美国的主流媒体被中共收买,新闻自由已经被某些特殊利益集团武器化、政治化。媒体不再是政府的监督者,不再告诉民众真相,这就是很多美国人对现在发生的事情一无所知的原因,而主流媒体的谎言已与中共的官方宣传如出一辙。 

0525 Nicole on Steve Gruber ShowThere are many invisible threats that CCP has planted inside the U.S. government. And so many lawyers were named public officers within law enforcement agencies, federal government agencies, or even in the cabinet. These people have been enriched by the CCP. Once they become a public officer, they continue to do favorable things for CCP. 中共在美国政府内部埋下许多无形的威胁。有许多律师被任命为执法机构或联邦政府机构内的公职人员,甚至是内阁成员。中共使这些人都富了起来。因此 一旦他们成为公职人员,他们就会继续为中共做有利的事情。

NEWSMAX: Suspected Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration of DOJ and CIA Exposed in Light of Guo Prosecution #FreeMilesGuo…

0524 Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell The host was very shocked when he heard that Miles Guo was told back in 2014 by the CCP that the next FBI director will be their guy to help them take down Miles. 主持人非常震驚地聽到郭文貴在2014年就被中共告知,下一任FBI局長將是他們的人來幫助他們拿下他。

5/24/2023【Nicole on Winn Tucson Radio】Nicole: Xi Jinping is so scared of Mr. Miles Guo because he knows how to take down the CCP! Xi is still not happy about the fact that Mr. Guo has been detained without bail, and now he wants to have Mr. Guo’s life ended in federal prison! 5/24/2023 【妮可做客Winn Tucson Radio节目】妮可:因为郭先生知道如何灭共,习近平太害怕他了!习对郭先生囚禁不得保释仍不满意,他想让郭先生死在联邦监狱里!

Nicole: We have just obtained information from within the CCP. After Biden showed favor to the CCP, Xi Jinping communicated with the Biden administration and he wants Mr. Miles Guo to end up in the US federal prison, just like Epstein was killed in prison! #FreeMilesGuo 我们刚刚从中共内部获得情报,在拜登示好中共后、习近平和拜登政府沟通,想让郭文贵先生终结在美国联邦监狱,就像爱泼斯坦2019年在监狱被干掉一样! 现在我们担心在结束中共之前,会在联邦监狱里被结束生命,郭文贵先生是一位非常虔诚的佛教修行者,自杀或结束自己的生命,是绝对违背个人意愿的!

Full video:…

Newsmax: Is The DOJ Trying Cases Before Trial? #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang…

5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Nicole is calling on Americans to contact the senators who represent them to demand investigations into nominees for positions in the U.S. federal government. This is to ensure that U.S. government officials are not individuals who have received financial support from the CCP and are serving the interests of the CCP. 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】妮可呼吁美国人联系代表他们的参议员,要求他们对美国联邦政府机构负责人的提名者进行调查,以确保政府的公务员不是收受中共的金援而替中共效劳的人!

5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Wayne Dupree: Your fight is our fight! Miles Guo pointed out years ago that the CCP has infiltrated all aspects of the U.S., and the content on the official website of the New Federal State of China is enough to inspire Pulitzer Prize-winning reports from journalists. Yet the media are saying nothing, as many media outlets have been bought off! Nicole: We need America to stay strong and take down the CCP in this country! 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】韦恩·杜普里:你们的战斗就是我们的战斗!郭文贵先生几年前就指出,中共渗透了美国的方方面面,而新中国联邦官网里的内容足以让做媒体人写出能获得普利策奖的报道,而媒体却集体闭嘴,有太多媒体被收买了!妮可:我们要让美国继续强大并在美国消灭中共!

5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Back in 2017, Mr. Miles Guo tipped off the FBI and federal agencies about the CCP’s plan to take down America’s economy and public health through a bioweapon, later known as COVID-19. The FBI not only ignored Mr. Guo’s warning but also put him in jail. Mr. Guo should be allowed to testify before Congress so that those American traitors can be exposed! 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】郭文贵先生早在2017年就告诉联邦调查局和联邦政府机构,中共将通过生物武器,也就是后来的为人所知的新冠病毒, 摧毁美国的经济和公共卫生。 联邦调查局不但对这些情报置之不理,还把郭先生送进了监狱。美国国会应该让郭先生作证揭露卖美贼!

5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Mr. Miles Guo’s prosecution and arrest have proved to be the strongest evidence of the CCP’s weaponization of the US justice system. Any nominee for the head of a federal government agency who is enriched by the CCP must not be confirmed by the Senate. 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】郭文贵先生被起诉和逮捕是中共武器化美国司法系统的最强有力的证据,任何因中共而赚得盆满钵满的提名人都不应该被参议院任命为美国联邦政府机构的负责人。

5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Nicole: The CCP has been using their American proxies installed in American government agencies to interfere in American politics, suppress the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers’ Movement, and persecute Mr. Miles Guo. So, how exactly do they achieve these goals? 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】妮可:中共利用他们安插在美国政府机构的代理人干预美国政治,打压新中国联邦和爆料革命,迫害郭文贵先生,他们到底是如何做到这些的呢?

0520 Nicole on Warroom with Steve Bannon Nicole talked about Wang Qishan, HNA, and the current FBI Director Christopher Wray. Nicole讲述王岐山,海航,和FBI现任局长Christopher Wray的关联。

0520 Nicole on Warroom with Steve Bannon: Miles Guo warned and exposed that the HNA is not a real company. Wang Qishan used it to launder money and influence peddling to buy American officials; because of this reason, the Voice of America cut off the live broadcast of Miles on April 19th. 郭文贵先生提醒过我们,揭露海航不是一个真正的公司,它实际是王岐山用于洗钱和收买美国官员的,因为这个原因,发生了美国之音的419断播门

0520 American Patriots and the New Chinese United Against the CCP: The real criminals, especially in New York City, are out on bail for $25,000 or less. Mr. Guo Wengui has been in custody for over two months and has been denied bail, which is unfair. freedom at the cost of their lives to make a great America. 那些真正的犯罪分子,特别是在纽约州,以2万5千或更少的钱, 少于1个月的时间被保释出来。郭文贵先生在看守所里已呆了两个多月了,被拒绝了保释,这是不公平的。

05/20/2023 【Miles’ Insight】U.S. Congressman George Santos has given a speech on the CCP’s infiltration into the American judicial system and its judicial persecution of Miles Guo in the U.S. for the first time at a meeting of the House of Representatives. He wouldn’t have done it if he had not verified what he said but his opponents introduced a motion, trying to expel him from Congress, which proves his speech carries weight. 05/20/2023 【Nicole看七哥】美国国会议员乔治·桑托斯首次在众议院会议上就中共渗透美国司法系统并在美国对郭文贵先生进行司法迫害发表演讲。如果他没有查证他所说的事情,他就不会这么做,但他的反对者却发起一项动议,试图将他驱逐出国会,这证明他的演讲很有影响力。

March 14 2020, Miles on Live: Pandora’s box is open. The coronavirus marks the trumpeting of war. This new type of war may lead to hundreds of millions or even billions of deaths. 2020年3月14日文贵先生直播回顾: 人类打开了潘多拉的盒子,冠状病毒吹响了新型战争的号角,可能会导致上亿甚至上10亿死亡。

5/19/2023 【Nicole on Outside the Beltway】I am deeply shocked to see whistleblowers serving the U.S. federal government becoming targets of political persecution, with their families also being affected. I am very concerned about whether the U.S. will turn into a regime like Communist China. 5/19/2023 【妮可做客Outside the Beltway节目】妮可:我很震惊地看到,为美国联邦政府机构效力的吹哨人沦为政治迫害的目标,其家人也受到牵连,我很担忧美国是否会变成中共国

0518 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast: Those FBI whistleblowers, some of whom are suddenly out of touch, pressed on with their careers, even though they would be persecuted. Just like the United States’ founding fathers, they pressed on with all they had and fought for freedom at the cost of their lives to make a great America. 那些联邦调查局的爆料人,有的就突然失联了,他们赌上自己的职业生涯,即使会遭到迫害,美国的开国者们义无返顾压上全部身家所有,以生命为代价争取来的自由,成就了一个伟大的美国。

5/17/2023 【House Select Committee on the CCP】Former Reagan NSC senior director Roger Robinson: The Wall Street firms and conflicted U.S. government regulators at the top levels of the Treasury Department, the SEC, and the National Economic Council have all become accomplices of the CCP. Over the past 20 years, the U.S. has allowed thousands of CCP-controlled companies to enter the retirement funds and investment portfolios of average Americans without conducting any due diligence or screening. 5/17/2023 【美国众议院中共问题特设委员会听证会】里根时期美国国安委高级主管罗杰∙罗宾逊:华尔街公司以及美国财政部、证监会和国家经济委员会等存在利益冲突的政府监管机构的高层都成了中共的帮凶!过去20年,美国允许上千家中共控制的在美国交易上市公司进入普通美国人的退休基金和投资组合,却没对这些公司进行任何尽职调查或筛查。

Not a Lie: Embattled Rep. George Santos Calls Out CCP Infiltration, Crime Crisis…

05/17/2023 Nicole on Steve Gruber Show:Miles Guo is the one who got the exclusive information to expose the American sellout to save this country from the CCP’s weaponizations. He’s the victim of all of these people using America’s law enforcement agencies to target him and to put him behind the bar. We know Xi Jinping is trying to cut the deal with the Biden administration to put Miles Guo behind the bar for life in exchange for American hostages and CIA assets to be released. We need to expose them and Free Miles Guo! #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 05/17/2023 妮可参加史蒂夫·格鲁伯节目:郭文贵是唯一掌握独家情报可以曝光卖美贼,将美国从中共的武器化中拯救出来的人。他是所有那些利用美国执法机构迫害他并将他关进监狱的卖美贼的受害者。我们知道习近平正试图与拜登政府达成交易,让郭文贵永久监禁以换取释放美国人质。我们需要曝光他们,并释放郭文贵!

Full Video:…

5/18/2023 【Nicole on Stinchfield Tonight】How did the CCP compromise FBI Director Christopher Wray? #takedowntheCCP #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 5/18/2023 【妮可做客Stinchfield Tonight节目】美国联邦调查局局长克里斯多弗·雷是怎么被中共拿下的?

Full video:…

5/18/2023 【Nicole on Stinchfield Tonight】Nicole: The US should completely decouple itself from the CCP by beginning with the justice system! The US courts and judicial system should not accept any cases brought or funded by the CCP. 5/18/2023 【妮可做客Stinchfield Tonight节目】 妮可:美国应从司法系统开始与中共完全脱钩!美国的法院和司法系统不应该接受任何由中共提起的诉讼或由中共资金资助的诉讼!

Full video:…

5/18/2023 【Nicole on Stinchfield Tonight】Nicole: Can American lawyers who have flourished in their careers and amassed huge amounts of wealth due to the CCP kleptocrats be appointed as public officials to serve ordinary Americans? 5/18/2023 【妮可做客Stinchfield Tonight节目】妮可:那些因为中共盗国贼而在事业上风生水起并赚得盆满钵满的美国律师,能被任命为服务于普通美国人的公职人员吗?#ChristopherWray

Full video:…

Chinese and English versions of the coronavirus source tracing report PDF file 病毒溯源报告PDF文件中英文版


5/17/2023 The CCP’s stance is very clear: “RULES FOR THEE – BUT NOT FOR ME!” The US House Select Committee on the CCP released a video today listing the three major promises made by the CCP to the world since joining the WTO 22 years ago. However, the CCP has not fulfilled any of these promises to date. 5/17/2023 中共的立场很明确:“规则是给你们制定的,而我不需要遵守!”美国众议院中共问题特设委员会今天发布了一个视频,其中列举了中共入世22年以来对世界许下的三大承诺。可时至今日,中共却没有兑现任何承诺。

Mr. Guo Wengui once said Pandora’s box, Wang Yi also said Pandora’s box, many people have said it, so what kind of evil and conspiracies are contained in the CCP’s Pandora’s box?Please watch this video, it is very comprehensive and clear 郭文贵 先生曾经说过潘多拉的盒子, 王毅也曾说过潘多拉的盒子,很多人都曾经说过,那么中共 的潘多拉盒子里到底装了哪些 邪恶 与 阴谋 呢? 请看此视频,讲的很全面且清晰

Gatewaypundit: Is The DOJ Destroying Presumption of Innocence Through Wengui Guo/Miles Guo, Others?

5/17/2023 【House Select Committee on the CCP】Robert Lighthizer: Communist China is the most dangerous threat that we face as a nation and has been waging an economic war against the U.S. with all kinds of tools. During the past decades, trillions of dollars worth of our treasure has been transferred to Communist China. The CCP’s economic miracle has been the result of taking advantage of America. The United States should begin the process of a phased-in strategic decoupling of our economy from theirs! 5/17/2023 【美国众议院中共问题特设委员会听证会】罗伯特·莱特希泽:中共国是美国所面对的最大威胁,它在用一切手段对美国发动经济战,在过去的几十年里,让美国数以万亿美元的财富流向中共国。中共的经济奇迹是靠占美国便宜而发生的。美国应该开始分阶段地与中共国经济战略性脱钩!

BREAKING REPORT: Bombshell evidence emerges revealing FBI Director Christopher Wray may be compromised by the Chinese Communist Party..

Representative Marjorie Green Announces File for Impeachment: Prosecutor Matthew Graves! FBI Director Ray! Attorney General Garland! Secretary of Homeland Security Majorkas! 众议员马乔里·格林宣布提交弹劾: 检察官马修格雷夫斯! 联邦调查局局长雷! 总检察长加兰! 国土安全部部长马约卡斯! #FreeMilesGuo #YvetteWang

NEWSMAX: Incompetence or Deliberate? Government’s Claims in Yanping Wang’s Case…

05/17/2023 Nicole on Steve Gruber Show: America’s failed police on the communist China only enriched certain interest groups, such as officials in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It is not benefiting the American people and Chinese people. The corrupt alphabet agencies are in bed with the CCP and aiding the CCP on American soil to persecute CCP’s No.1 enemy and the biggest Anti-CCP Whistleblowers’ Movement. They are the biggest threat of the American people, we need to call them out and impeach them. 05/17/2023 妮可参加史蒂夫·格鲁伯节目:美国对中共国失败的政策只富裕了一些特定的利益群体,如联邦调查局、司法部和中情局的一些官员、华尔街和硅谷等。该政策并没有使美国人民和中国人民从中受益。这些腐败的字母机构与中共狼狈为奸,在美国土地上迫害中共头号敌人郭文贵先生以及最大的反共爆料革命。他们是美国人民最大的敌人,我们需要谴责他们,并对他们进行弹劾。

0515 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast : From late 2017 to early 2018, senior U.S. CIA officials told Mr. Guo Wengui: “The U.S. will not defeat the CCP; the CCP serves the interests of Americans.” Mr. Guo said, “We never expect the United States to defeat the CCP. We just hope you will stop supporting the CCP. “ 在2017年底到2018年初,美国中情局高级官员对郭文贵先生说:” 美国不会打倒中共的,中共是为美国人的利益服务的“。郭先生说:“我们从来没有指望美国能打倒中共,我们只希望你们不要再支持中共“。

0516 Ava on Live From America with Jeremy: HerrellGeorge Santos visited the New Federal State of China base on Friday and expressed his support for Miles Guo. He was indicted by the Department of Justice on Tuesday. Now, whoever talks about the CCP’s crimes publicly will be followed by the media and even get attacked and put themselves in danger. 乔治桑德斯周五参观了新中国联邦基地,并表示支持郭文贵先生,周二就遭到司法部的起诉,现在,无论是谁,只要公开谈论CCP的罪行,就会遭到媒体的追踪,甚至被攻击,并将他们自己置身于危险之中!

0515 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast: James Comer and the House Oversight Committee held a grand press conference to announce shocking evidence about how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used the money to corrupt elected officials in the United States, and mainstream media and intelligence community officials did cover up this previously exposed information. 詹姆斯科默和众议院监督委员会举行盛大新闻发布会宣布令人震惊的证据,关于中共如何利用钱腐败美国民选官员,而主流媒体和情报界官员确将这些以前就被曝光的信息掩盖起来.

0515 Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast: Big tech should start suspending the Twitter account of the CCP’s official propaganda, like Hua Chunying and Zhao Lijian, all these CCP state-owned spokespersons. They banned Mr. Mouse Guo and the people of Chinese whistleblower movements. 大科技公司应该取消推特中共账号,停止中共官方宣传,比如华春莹和赵立坚这些中共国的发言人。推特他们禁止郭先生的帐号,他们噤声爆料革命的人。

May 16th, 2023, Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell Ava said that Mr. Miles Guo was the “most attacked” individual by the CCP hackers in the world. His mobile phone, computer, building he lives in, elevator, everything you can think of has been hacked by the CCP. However, the third CCP spy was recently arrested and had to be released on bail, but Miles Guo has been repeatedly denied bail requests by the Southern District Court of New York. 2023年5月16日,Live From America 采访Ava Chen Ava说郭文贵先生是全世界受到中共黑客攻击”第一人“,他的手机,电脑,居住的大楼,电梯,所有大家能想到的都曾经被中共黑客。但是最近第三个中共间谍被捕后也得倒了保释,郭文贵先生却一直被纽约南区法院一次次的拒绝保释申请。

Congressman George Santos (@santos4congress), addressed at the House on May 16th, 2023. He called upon the #uscongress, #theSelectCommitteeonCCP, and the #DOJ to investigate the CCP’s infiltration in the federal government agencies and the weaponization of the U.S. justice system. “Enough is Enough, Free MilesGuo” . 2023.05.16 美国国会议员乔治·桑托斯在众议院发表讲话,呼吁国会、司法部和特别委员会采取行动,调查中共对美国司法渗透和对联邦机构的武器化 “美国绝不继续容忍,释放郭文贵!”

EXCLUSIVE: Lawsuit Exposes How ‘CCP Actively Uses TikTok To Target Americans’…

NEWSMAX: Has the U.S. Justice System Failed a Harmless and Helpless Woman?…

NEWSMAX: Is Our Justice System Becoming Indistinguishable From Communist China?…

05/13/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: The NFSC does not meddle in the bipartisan dispute in the US. Taking down the CCP is a bipartisan consensus, which is beneficial to the national security of the US and the American people. We welcome any elected official to visit our base of the NFSC and discuss issues to take down the CCP. We will expose whoever accepts the CCP’s money, sells out the democracy and rule of law system for 1.4 billion Chinese, or sells out the interests of America, no matter which party he belongs to. 05/13/2023【Nicole看七哥】:新中国联邦不掺和美国两党政治。灭共是两党共识,对美国的国家安全及人民都是有百利而无一害。我们欢迎任何一位民选官员访问新中国联邦灭共基地,商谈灭共事宜。任何拿了中共的钱,出卖14亿中国人的民主和法治,或者是出卖美国利益的人,不管是属于哪个政党的,我们都会去揭露。

NEWSMAX: Is Congressional Investigators Letting CCP Win?NEWSMAX:…

As CCP’s number one enemy, Mr. Guo Wengui was under constant attack, when he submitted his political asylum application to the law firm he hired on September 7, 2017. The law firm was hacked, and over 500 computers were down. 作为CCP的头号敌人,郭文贵先生一直不断地被攻击。当他在2017年9月7日向他聘请的律师事务所提交了他的政治避难申请的后 律师事务所被黑客攻击 超过500台的电脑都被瘫痪了

Miles Guo told the U.S. government in 2017 that the Chinese government has secret police stations in the United States. He has documents that say that the Chinese government has sent more than 50 spies to the Bank of China, the Embassy in Washington DC, and the Consulates, and the documents also contained the names of the spies. Still, it took six years for the U.S. government to close a secret police station, and only two spies were charged! 郭文贵先生2017年就告诉美国政府,中国政府在美国设有秘密警察站,他手里有文件,文件中说中国政府派遣了50多名间谍,派往中国银行,华盛顿的大使馆,领事馆,文件中还包含间谍的名字,但美国政府六年过去了,才取缔一个秘密警察站,只有两名间谍被指控!

If the United States wants to know the origin of Covid-19. Mr. Guo Wengui suggested focusing on these two individuals. Dr. Fauci and Wang Yanyi, the general director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. To investigate the financial dealings between those two and the existence of a sexual relationship. 如果美国想要找到新冠病毒来源,郭文贵先生提示重点调查这两个人,福奇博士和武汉病毒研究所所长王延轶女士,调查两人的财务关系,以及存在的性关系。

On May 11, 2023, Diamond and Silk [Ron Berutti lawsuit against Blackrock. Ava Chen talks about the Biden crime family] interviews Ava. They’re using your money to basically persecute the CCP enemy number one. And CCP is your biggest adversary. They’re trying to defeat and kill America. 2023年5月11日 Diamond and Silk [Ron Berutti lawsuit against Blackrock. Ava Chen talks about the Biden crime family] 采访 Ava, 他们正在用你们的钱来迫害中共的头号敌人。而中共是你们最大的对手。他们试图击败和摧毁美国。

On May 12, 2023, Ava on Matta Of Fact The host Ryan Matta played a video in which Mr. Miles Guo pointed out in the live broadcast as early as 2019 that the US SEC and the Bank Commission did not perform regulatory functions on CCP’s 700 companies listed in the US market, and CCP’s other thousands of companies in the U.S. , nor the angel funds. Wall Street ‘s greed has condoned the CCP-owned companies illegal financial actions in the United States. 2023年5月12日 Ava on Matta Of Fact 主持人Ryan Matta播发了一段郭文贵先生早在2019年在直播中指出美国的SEC和银行监管委员会没有对中共国的在美国上市的700家公司,和几千家其他公司,以及天使基金行驶监管职能,华尔街的贪婪纵容了中共公司在美国的非法行为。

JUST IN: Accusations emerge that Barack Obama has knowledge of and was involved Joe Biden‘s influence peddling scheme.. “It’s high time for the American people to know this country has been weaponized and deeply penetrated by the CCP.”

Yvette Wang (Yanping Wang) is a true hero! She lost her parents, enforced divorce and never get to see her son again since she fled China in 2015 while her son only two years old. All those sacrifices just because she follows Miles Guo’s cause. Plus, she is a cancer survivor. She was put in jail by fabricated charges without bail. Where is justice ?


Guo Wengui was the first to warn the world back in 2019 that the Chinese Communist Party might release biological and chemical weapons with the primary aim of suppressing the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong,Peter Navarro admitted that it was Guo Wengui who shared the tip.After evaluating the tip, the White House subsequently issued a travel ban on China. 郭文贵早在2019年第一个向世界发出警告,中共可能会释放生化武器,首要目的是镇压香港的民主运动,彼得-纳瓦罗承认是郭文贵分享的情报,白宫评估了这个线索之后,随后颁布了对中国的旅行禁令

董功文是叶简明的首席财务官,也是中共间谍的资金管理人。 Dong Gongwen is the chief financial officer of Ye Jianming and the money manager of the CCP spies.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The CCP’s infiltration is the real threat in this country. 這不是陰謀論。 中共的滲透才是這個國家真正的威脅。

我们呼吁国会领导人调查郭文贵的案件 We Call on Congressional Leaders to Investigate Guo Wengui’s Case.

CCP Infiltration of U.S. JusticeU.S. Congressman George Santos was indicted by the DOJ on May 09th,2023.Santos supported publicly the NFSC and Miles Guo on May 05th,2023.

5/9/2023 The CCP’s lackey Liang Guanjun met with Xi Jinping yesterday. “Coincidentally”, the recent video released by Phoenix TV that defames Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, actually used video clips of fake “protests” organized by Liang Guanjun against Mr. Guo in 2017, falsely claiming them to be the “protests by Mr. Guo’s followers against his fraud.” What is the hidden agenda behind this? 5/9/2023 昨日,中共走狗梁冠军见了习近平。而凤凰卫视最近发布的污蔑新中国联邦创建者郭文贵先生的视频,“恰好”把2017年梁冠军组织的针对郭先生的虚假“抗议”的视频片段,谎称为郭先生“追随者对其诈骗的抗议”。这背后到底有何玄机?

Chinese Billionaire Miles Guo is currently being held captive in the US on behalf of the CCP. He has information that can destroy the CCP so he’s being held captive and facing extradition back to China. His life is in jeopardy. #FreeMilesGuo

05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 Nicole in WayneDupreeShow: All the people who organize the fundraiser for the re-election of Congresswoman Grace Meng are part of the CCP’s secret police operatives. This country has allowed the CCP to interfere with the US election. So you don’t need a Russia dossier or Russian gate to prove that there is election interference by a foreign adversary. It’s not Russia. It’s the CCP for the entire time. 05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 妮可做客WayneDupreeShow:所有组织国会议员孟昭文竞选筹款活动的人都是中共秘密警察的一部分。美国已经允许中共干预自己的选举,所以你不需要所谓的通俄门来证明敌对外国干预选举。而且,不是俄罗斯,一直以来都是中共(在进行干预)。

05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 Nicole in WayneDupreeShow: If America had a policy to stop the Chinese people from fleeing, that is going to be a national tragedy because you can not conflate the CCP with the Chinese people. We have already become the victim of the CCP and we don’t need to become a victim again by a weaponized the DOJ, FBI and the policies. In order to stop the CCP infiltration, you have to root out the American proxies who have been taking the CCP money and doing the CCP is a dirty bidding inside your own government agencies. 05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 妮可作客WayneDupreeShow:如果美国出台一项阻止中国人民逃离中共国的政策,那将会是一个国家悲剧,因为不能将中共和华人混为一谈。我们已经受到了中共的迫害,不能再被中共武器化的司法部,FBI及其政策行二次迫害。为了阻止中共的渗透,必须把这些中共在美国代理人连根拔起。

“Everyone should try to fight for #FreeMilesGuo.” Patriot Ryanmattamedia from #LFATV has the story. Congressman George Santos will be forever remembered as the 1st member of Congress to look into the persecution of Miles Guo, the leader and founder of the social movement that takes down the Chinese Communist Party!



Gateway Pundit: George Santos Affirms Commitment to Justice for Guo Wengui/Miles Guo at NFSC Headquarters


18th,April 2020,Yvette Wang and fellow fighters of Whistleblow movement were sending masks and Disinfection supplies to New York Government and hospitals which supported by Rule of Law Foundation. Now Yvette Wang and the founder of Rule of Law Foundation Miles Guo are held illegally at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center….. This is America now? #FreeYvetteWang

5/5/2023【Nicole on Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks】Facing the CCP’s infiltration into all aspects of Americans’ lives, the US federal government has done nothing about it. On the contrary, Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP’s enemy number one, who is capable of saving America, has been imprisoned! 5/5/2023【妮可做客The Outside of the Beltway John Fredericks Show】妮可:面对中共对美国人生活的全方位渗透,美国联邦政府却对此毫无作为。相反,中共的头号敌人、能拯救美国的郭文贵先生却被置于囹圄之中!

05/05/2023 [MilesInsight] Brother David: Congressman George Santos is the first current congressman to visit our NFSC’s anti-CCP base. This is a historic and epoch-making day for the NFSC, especially at this dark moment after Mr. Miles Guo was illegally taken away on March 15th. Congressman Santos was very shocked and amazed by our NFSC’s base and NFSC fellow fighters. 05/05/2023[Nicole看七哥]国会议员乔治·桑托斯是第一位访问我们新中国联邦灭共基地的现任国会议员。 对新中国联邦来说,这是一个历史性、划时代的日子,尤其是在3月15日郭文贵先生被非法带走后的这个至暗时刻。 国会议员桑托斯对我们新中国联邦的基地和新中国联邦战友感到非常震撼和惊叹。  

05/04/2023 Nicole on The John Fredericks Show discussed why the CCP is going after Mr. Miles Guo. She explained that the CCP’s ultimate goal is to take down America. Miles Guo has tipped off the US federal government agencies about the CCP’s plans to release deadly viruses, create fentanyl, and other strategies to take down America. Miles Guo’s goal is to take down the CCP and his knowledge of their plans has made him the most wanted man by the CCP. 05/04/2023 妮可在 John Fredericks Show 节目上讨论了中共为什么要追捕郭文贵。她解释说中共的终极目标是摧毁美国。郭文贵向美国联邦政府机构透露了中共释放致命病毒、制造芬太尼等计划。郭文贵的目标是推翻中共,他知道中共的计划,这使他成为中共最想迫害的人。

5/4/2023 【Nicole on RAV with Steve Gruber】Nicole: The CCP’s sending fentanyl to the US constitutes an act of unrestricted warfare! Mr. Miles Guo had already sounded the alarm in 2019, stating that fentanyl is part of the CCP’s 3F plan to destroy America. The CCP used a Chinese American professor from MIT to develop fentanyl, utilizing American research institutions and funding to achieve their goals. 5/4/2023 【妮可做客真实美国之声史蒂夫·格鲁伯的节目】妮可:中共输送芬太尼到美国就是一场超限战!郭文贵先生早在2019年就发出警报,芬太尼是中共3F计划的一部分,其目的就是摧毁美国,而且芬太尼是中共利用美国的研究机构和资金通过一位麻省理工的美籍华人教授研制的。

5/4/2023 【Nicole on RAV with Steve Gruber】Nicole: Mr. Miles Guo warned the United States in 2017 that the CCP planned to use the “3F Plan” to destroy the U.S. Why has the U.S. government done nothing to protect Americans’ lives? 5/4/2023 【妮可做客真实美国之声史蒂夫·格鲁伯的节目】妮可:郭文贵先生2017年就警告美国,中共要用3F计划摧毁美国, 为什么美国政府还没有任何行动来保护美国人的生命安全?

5/4/2023 【Nicole on RAV with Steve Gruber】Nicole: Mr. Miles Guo had long warned the American public that the CCP has been smuggling fentanyl into the United States via Chinese restaurants and Uber drivers in America. When will the FBI and DOJ take action against the CCP’s brazen drug trafficking and infiltration into the US? 5/4/2023 【妮可做客真实美国之声史蒂夫·格鲁伯的节目】妮可:文贵先生早就警告过美国民众,中共通过美国的中餐馆和优步司机在美国国土上贩卖芬太尼,美国的联邦调查局和司法部何时会对中共如此肆无忌惮的贩毒和渗透美国的恶劣行径采取行动呢?

5/5/2023 【Nicole on Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks】Over the past few decades, the SEC has allowed hundreds of CCP state-owned enterprises, including PLA-owned ones, to be listed in the US stock market and imposed different regulatory standards on these enterprises compared to US and other foreign companies. We can’t trust the SEC. 5/5/2023 【妮可做客the Outside of the Beltway John Fredericks Show】妮可:在过去的几十年里,SEC让上百家中共国企包括中共军方企业在美国上市,并对中共这些企业实行与美国和其他国家企业不同的监管标准,所以不能相信SEC

5/5/2023 【Nicole on Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks】Nicole: Mr. Miles Guo warned years ago that it was Wall Street that helped the CCP to steal tens of billions of dollars from Americans’ 401(k) and pension funds! The CCP has used hackers to steal data and financial information from US consumers, and this is one of the strategies for the CCP to destroy America. 5/5/2023 【妮可做客the Outside of the Beltway John Fredericks Show】妮可:郭文贵先生多年前就警告过,是华尔街帮助中共偷盗了美国人数百亿美元的养老基金!中共通过网络骇客窃取了美国消费者的数据和财务信息等,这是中共消灭美国的策略之一!

I will not give up until Guo Wengui is free. This is a matter of personal concern to everyone because the ultimate plan of the CCP is to dominate the world completely, and history has proven that no fluke happens in the face of the CCP. It only gets worse. I will not stop fighting until the CCP is eradicated from this planet. 直到郭文贵获得自由,我是不会放弃的。这关乎到每个人的切身问题,因为中共的最终计划是完全统治这个世界,历史事实证明,面对中共没有侥幸发生,只会变得更糟。在中共从这个星球上被铲除之前,我不会停止战斗。

NEWSMAX: 912 Group Revelations Raise Question About CCP Infiltration of U.S. Media to Target Wengui/Miles Guo…

The CCP’s weaponization matters tell you a lot about why we must speak out against the CCP and save America and Make America Great Again. 中共武器化的事情告訴你很多,為什麼我們要消灭中共,我們要拯救美國,讓美國再次偉大。

美国由芬太尼导致的死亡人数,是自杀,新冠病毒和车祸的死亡人数的总和,共产党就是输出芬太尼的最大毒枭。 The number of deaths caused by fentanyl in the U.S. is the sum of deaths from suicides, Covid-19, and car accidents, and the CCP is the biggest drug lord exporting fentanyl.

NEWSMAX: Is DOJ Using Victimless “Crime” to Justify Long-term Detention?…

Congress Should Check the Judicial Branch…

Mr. Miles Guo and all of us, we want to have our own independent media platform called GTV. We want to be able to have our voice heard without being censored. Why didn’t SEC go after many Silicon Valley startups? And there are so many companies, you could be applying the same accusations and charges against them. Why did SEC single out the Chinese dissident, the CCP enemy number one’s investment opportunity? 郭先生和我们所有人都希望拥有自己独立的媒体平台叫做GTV。我们希望能够在没有审查的情况下表达自己的声音。为什么美国证券交易委员会没有追查许多硅谷初创公司呢?而且有这么多公司,你可以对他们应用同样的指控和控诉。为什么SEC单独针对中国的异见人士,中国共产党公认的头号敌人的投资机会呢?

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: The NFSC people are not only trying to free Mr. Miles Guo but also to expose the corrupt government officials who have been bought out by the CCP. The CCP has funded more than 70 lawsuits against Mr. Guo in the United States over the past six years. With the latest charge of 1 billion fraud, the DOJ finally put him behind bars though all witnesses and evidence are false and supplied by the CCP. He is no doubt the biggest victim of the CCP’s persecution in the U.S. 04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai在韦恩·杜普雷的节目上:新中国联邦人不仅要争取让郭文贵先生获释,还要揭露被中共收买的腐败政府官员。过去六年里,中共已经出资在美国对郭先生发起了70多起诉讼。凭借最近一起涉及十亿美元的诈骗指控,司法部终于把郭先生关进监狱,尽管该案的所有证人和证据都是虚假的,都是由中共提供的。郭先生无疑是在美国受中共迫害最严重的受害者。

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: Who are the ones selling out America’s farmland, colleges, universities and the justice system? We need to find it out and hold the CCP’s American proxies accountable. There’s so many sell-out inside the DOJ, the FBI and Capitol Hill. They’re everywhere. That’s how we’re losing this country. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里节目采访:谁在出卖美国的农田、学院、大学和司法系统? 我们需要查明并追究中共的美国代理人的责任。司法部、联邦调查局和国会山内部有太多人出卖美国了,他们无处不在。 我们就是这样失去美国的。

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: CCP is the root of evil, is the root cause of all the global disasters. We have no choice. Mr. Miles Guo gave up everything to fight. This is our common fight. If we don’t take down the CCP, the CCP will destroy America. America will not be a country. There will be no country, no border. America will be a province of the CCP. 04/29/2023 妮可上韦恩·杜普雷的节目: 中共是邪恶的根源,全世界灾难的根源,我们别无选择。郭文贵先生在与中共的这场战斗中放弃了一切。这是我们共同的战斗,如果我们不一起消灭中共,中共就会毁掉美国。美国将不再是一个国家,不再会有国家和边界的概念,美国将会成为中共的一个省。

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: The CCP used the ‘BGY’ plan to infiltrate America. Shan Weijian, the mastermind of the CCP’s stealing of 10s of billions of American people’s public pension fund, is the CEO of PAG. It’s the PAX that has launched lawsuits against Miles Guo over the last 6 years. Judy Chu is a congresswoman, but she has been giving Congressional Award to the CCP’s foreign organization in California to glorify the CCP’s founding anniversary. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里采访:中共采用‘蓝金黄计划’渗透美国。中共窃取美国人民数百亿公共养老基金的主谋单伟建,是太平联盟的首席执行官。正是太平联盟在过去6年缠诉郭先生。赵美心是个国会议员,但她一直都在给加州的中共组织颁发国会奖章以庆典中共国建国日。

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: A top senior political strategist of the CCP boasted “We have friends in higher places in America. It’s our people.” So he was admitting that the CCP has the assets within the inner circle of America’s power and influence, and they can fix everything. Once an American takes the CCP’s money, will be the slave of the CCP. And the CCP is really looking down and talking down on American people. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里采访:中共的一位高级政治战略家吹嘘:“我们在美国高层有朋友,他们是我们的人。” 他承认中共在美国的权力和影响力核心圈子里有资产,他们可以解决一切问题。一个美国人一旦拿了中共的钱,就成了中共的奴隶。中共确实看不起并贬低美国人。

04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s Show: In 2017, Miles Guo warned the US federal government agencies about the CCP’s plans to take down America, including their bio-weapon plan that killed over 1 million Americans. After receiving the exclusive life-saving intel, the US federal government agencies did nothing to save America, but instead ended up imprisoning Miles Guo. All viewers of the show should call their elected officials and demand action to free Miles Guo. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里秀采访:早在2017年,郭文贵警告美国联邦政府机构有关中共打败美国的计划,包括让100多万美国人丧生的生物武器计划。在得到拯救生命的独家情报后,美国联邦政府机构没有采取任何行动挽救美国,反而将郭文贵监禁起来。所有观众都应该致电自己的民选官员,并要求他们采取行动释放郭文贵。

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】What Nicole is doing right now is critical! She is speaking out against the CCP’s infiltration of the US. Hence, she and the New Federal State of China are being targeted and suppressed by the CCP! Some listeners refuse to trust what Nicole said about Pras Michel’s case because they are ignorant, and they even refuse to study the court documents. They have no idea Nicole is in danger due to her cause! 4/27/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】妮可现在做的事非常重要!她因为看到了中共对美国的渗透因而大声疾呼并反抗中共渗透,她和新中国联邦因而遭到了中共的全力围剿!有的听众不愿相信妮可提到的米歇尔的案子,是因为他们无知,他们甚至不肯阅读一下法庭文件,他们更不知道妮可由于她的事业而正处于危险之中!

Mr. Miles Guo, being CCP enemy number one, now remaining behind the bar, is a big, loud wake-up call to the American people. CCP’s infiltration is nothing new. CCP’s infiltration has completely weaponized this country’s justice system. 郭先生作为中共的头号敌人被扣押在拘留所。这是对美国人民的一个巨大而响亮的警钟,中共的渗透并不是什么新鲜事。中共的渗透已将这个国家的司法系统完全武器化。

Nicole explained that the American mainstream media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and big companies do not understand the truth that “the CCP is not equal to the Chinese people.” Their dealings with the CCP will not bring them the market of the Chinese people but only feed the CCP kleptocrats’ slavering power over the Chinese people. 2023年4月27日,The @EndtimeShow 采访 @NicoleTsai Nicole解释美国主流媒体,华尔街,硅谷和大企业不了解“中共不等于中国人”的道理,他们和中共做交易并不能给他们带来中国人民的市场,而只是在喂养中共盗国贼。

On April 27, 2023, The Endtime Show interviewed Nicole Tsai Nicole disclosed that the Eastern District Court of New York‘s indictment against the 44 CCP secret policemen described how the CCP used false media accounts and used “the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death” to incite division and racial hatred in the United States. In addition, the CCP is also the real sponsor of “Black Lives Matter.” 2023年4月27日,The Endtime Show 采访 Nicole Tsai Nicole披露纽约东区法院对中共44名秘密警察的起诉书中有描述中共如何利用虚假媒体账号,利用”乔治弗洛伊德死亡两周年“煽动美国的分裂和种族仇恨。还有中共也是”黑命贵”的真正资助者。

Xi Jinping made a deal with the Biden administration to release all American hostages and CIA assets in China in exchange for Miles Guo’s life-long imprisonment. The whole world is watching whether the US will sell its judicial system and national interests for political gain. 习近平与拜登政府做交易,要释放美国在中共国的人质和中情局卧底,来让郭文贵在美国被永久监禁。全世界都在看着美国是否会出卖司法公正及国家利益来做政治交换。

中共是使用什么样的手段进入白宫后门的。孟建柱的私生子刘特佐是如何偷取马来西亚主权财富基金,通过美国说唱歌手Pras Michel和其他政府要员来影响美国政治的。美国前总统奥巴马是如何涉足其中的。 What means did the Chinese Communist Party use to gain access to the back door of the White House? How Meng Jianzhu’s illegitimate son, Jho Low, stole Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund to influence U.S. politics through American rapper Pras Michel and other government dignitaries. How former U.S. President Barack Obama got involved.

美国司法部和联邦调查局多年来花费大量纳税人的钱去调查通俄门和俄罗斯虚假信息,却允许数以万计的中共代理人和秘密特工在美国进行猖獗的渗透活动。 The U.S. DOJ and FBI spent massive amounts of taxpayer money for years investigating Russiagate and Russian disinformation, while allowing tens of thousands of CCP proxies and the secretive operatives to do rampant infiltration in the US.

The Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration into America has been going on for decades! The CCP’s secret police stations are located in almost every major city in the United States. 中共在美国的渗透已经持续了数十年!中共的秘密警察站几乎遍布了美国的各个主要城市。

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】The real threat to America is not Russiagate or Russian disinformation, but the CCP’s infiltration of the White House and federal agencies like the DOJ! Neither Pras Michel, who took $100 million from the CCP, nor George Higginbotham, who took $41 million from the CCP, was ever detained for a single day, but Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP’s number one enemy, was put in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn! 4/27/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】美国真正的威胁不是 “通俄门”, 不是俄罗斯的假情报,而是中共对白宫和司法部等机构进行的渗透!从中共那里拿走一亿美元的米歇尔和从中共那里拿走4100万的乔治·黑根巴森都不曾被拘押一天,可中共的头号敌人郭文贵先生却被关进了布鲁克林的大都会拘留中心!

乔治-希金博特姆,艾略特-布罗迪和斯蒂芬-怀恩他们一起去了深圳,与中共国家安全局负责人会面,密谋遣返郭文贵先生。他们三个人对美国安全造成更大的威胁。 George Higginbotham, Elliott Broidy, and Stephen Wynn went to Shenzhen together to meet with the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s National Security Agency to conspire to deport Mr. Guo Wengui. The three of them pose a greater threat to U.S. security.

04/27/2023 On Outside the Beltway, Nicole expressed her concerns about the FBI’s lack of attention towards the CCP’s infiltration in the United States. She highlighted that the CCP poses the number one foreign threat to the national security in the country, yet the FBI has not made it their top priority. Nicole raised questions about why the FBI did not take action on the exclusive intel they received from Mr. Miles Guo in 2017 about the CCP’s plan to release a deadly virus to take down America. 04/27/2023 妮可在Outside the Beltway节目中表达了对FBI对中共在美国的渗透缺乏关注的担忧。她强调,中共才是对美国国家安全最大的威胁,然而FBI并未将其列为首要任务。妮可提出质疑,为什么FBI在2017年从郭文贵先生那得到关于中共计划释放致命病毒摧毁美国的独家情报后没有采取行动。

DOJ Fights to Stop Guo Wengui from Testifying in Pras Michel Trial

Police Station BUST: FBI Admits Miles Guo (Wengui) Is Victim #1 Of The CCP

Xi and the CCP had a plan to stop President Trump’s 2024 presidential bid. And they also predicted that Trump will be indicted in New York. So that’s Xi’s plan to take down Trump. So while Trump wants to befriend Xi, Xi considers Trump his enemy number one. 习近平和中共有一个计划,要阻止特朗普竞选2024年总统,并预测特朗普将在纽约被起诉。这是习近平打倒特朗普的计划。虽然特朗普想和习近平交朋友,但习近平却认为特朗普是他的头号敌人。

Miles Guo’s case is a purely 100% political witch hunt because the weaponization of the CCP of the U.S. justice system is running wild and no one is holding the CCP accountable. And that should terrify all of us here. 郭文贵先生的案子纯粹是政治迫害,因为中共对美国司法系统的武器化正在肆虐,没有人追究中共的责任。这应该让我们所有人都感到恐惧。

April 28, 2023, America 180 with David Brody interview with Nicole Tsai Nicole explained why the CCP’s secret police in New York is not the biggest problem facing Chinese Americans. The biggest problem facing Chinese Americans is the CCP’s weaponization of federal government agencies, including the FBI, SEC, and DOJ. 2023年4月28日, America 180 with David Brody 采访 Nicole Tsai Nicole解释了为什么说中共在纽约的秘密警察局并不是美国华人面临的最大问题,美国华人目前面临的最大问题是中共对联邦政府机构的武器化,包括FBI,SEC,和DOJ。

02/19/2019 Miles Guo talked about the CCP sending 3 teams to America to extradite him or kill him back in 2017. They sent out Sun Lijun, Bruno Wu, Jho Low and 4 members of MSS to buy influence and provide a package of offerings in exchange of his extradition, together with a letter which Xi wrote to Trump asking to extradite Miles Guo .They sent out Fujian gangsters in America such as Zheng Qi to try to kill Miles Guo. They sent out Liu Yanping to America to persuade him to go back to China or possibly poison him. 02/19/2019 郭文贵讲述2017年中共派了三波队伍去美国企图遣返他,甚至将其杀害。中共派出孙力军、吴征、刘特左和四个国安人员收买埃利奥特·布洛伊迪、史蒂夫·永利和司法部官员以游说遣返郭文贵。为此,中共还提出一系列交换条件,包括一封习写给川普的亲笔信,请求帮忙遣返郭文贵;中共派出美国的福建黑帮如郑棋等人企图杀害郭文贵;中共还派出刘彦平去美国试图劝说郭文贵回国,有可能还会对他下毒。

Fugees’ rapper Pras Michel convicted in foreign influence case…

4/26/2023【Nicole on Winn Tucson Radio】No one will be safe when Mr. Miles Guo is silenced by the CCP-weaponized media and framed by the CCP-weaponized DOJ! Mr. Guo had warned Americans several years ago that the CCP’s largest spy hub was located at the CCP Consulate General in New York City, which assisted the CCP in establishing secret police stations for spying and fundraising. 4/26/2023 【妮可接受Winn Tucson电台采访】 当郭文贵先生被中共武器化的媒体噤声和被中共武器化的美国司法部所陷害时,没有一个人是安全的!郭先生几年前就警示美国人,中共最大的间谍中心在中共国驻纽约总领馆,它帮助了中共建立秘密警察站并进行间谍活动和募款。

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】The CCP’s infiltration into America is by no means a partisan issue! I hope everyone can share this video with Jim Jordan, Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Congress, and your senators and congressmen. Because they have done nothing so far. 4/27/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】中共对美国的渗透跟党派之争无关!希望大家把本视频分享给美国众议院司法委员会主席吉姆·乔丹以及你们的参议员和众议员,因为迄今为止,他们尚未有任何动作!

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】Although the host and the two guests on Wayne Dupree’s show have never met Mr. Miles Guo in person, they agreed that Mr. Guo’s detention was unconstitutional and outrageous. 4/27/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】韦恩·杜普里节目的主持人和两位嘉宾纷纷表示,虽然他们从未与郭文贵先生谋过面,但他们都认为对郭先生的羁押是违宪和令人愤怒的。

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】Wayne Dupree: Mr. Miles Guo is not Nostradamus, but he is a truth-teller. You can see his videos from years ago, where he talked about what was coming. Let‘s go! Let more people know about Mr. Guo. 4/27/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】韦恩·杜普里:文贵先生不是诺查丹玛斯这种“预言家”,文贵先生是一个讲真话的人,你可以看看他几年前的视频,他就谈到了有什么样的事会发生。行动起来,让更多人知道文贵先生的情况吧!

4/27/2023【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Show】America has a two-tiered justice system. One is for the CCP’s proxies in the U.S., while the other is for the rest of us. The CCP’s proxies can walk away no matter what they do. But Mr. Miles Guo, who is innocent, is in jail now. 4/26/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里节目】美国有两套司法体系,一套是为中共在美国的代理人服务的,另一套是为其他人设置的。中共代理人不论犯了什么事都能被放过,而无罪的郭文贵先生却身陷囹圄!

DOJ Fights to Stop Guo Wengui from Testifying in Pras Michel Trial

04/26/2023 Jayne Zirkle on War Room: The core issue in Pras Michel’s case is he was working with the CCP to lobby US officials to extradite Miles Guo. However, the mainstream media failed to identify it. Instead, they are reporting that Pras Michel had several meetings with the FBI regarding Miles Guo’s extradition and the rapper 50 cent called him a rat for meeting with the FBI. 04/26/2023 杰恩·泽克尔参加班农战斗室节目:普拉斯·米歇尔案件的核心问题是米歇尔同中共一起行动游说美国官员以遣返郭文贵。然而主流媒体没能识别这个核心问题,相反,他们强调普拉斯·米歇尔就遣返郭文贵而与FBI见过几次面,以及说唱歌手50 Cent 因米歇尔与FBI见面而指责他为无耻小人。